Signals Your Body Sends 📶 when You're Stressed 😩 (and How to Deal) ...

Isn't it amazing how our inner thoughts can send physical signals through our body. When we are stressed, we respond physically as well as mentally and we harbor stress in certain areas of the body. We must learn how to cope with this or combat it to feel our best. It is important to keep our head up, stay positive and put our best foot forward each day. There is absolutely no reason you should live your life stressed on a daily basis. Check out just how you can spot and deal with the signals of the body when you are stressed:

1. Headaches

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Too much stress is one of the main reasons you are getting a headache. You may feel overwhelmed or in a constant rush and your head throbs as a result. You could even be stressing over constant failures. To deal with your headaches and combat them, take some time to sit and relax. Turn off all media, enjoy silence and just breathe. This will help you to ward off headaches for good!

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