Signals Your Body Sends when You're Stressed and How to Deal ...


Signals Your Body Sends when You're Stressed and How to Deal ...
Signals Your Body Sends when You're Stressed and How to Deal ...

Isn't it amazing how our inner thoughts can send physical signals through our body. When we are stressed, we respond physically as well as mentally and we harbor stress in certain areas of the body. We must learn how to cope with this or combat it to feel our best. It is important to keep our head up, stay positive and put our best foot forward each day. There is absolutely no reason you should live your life stressed on a daily basis. Check out just how you can spot and deal with the signals of the body when you are stressed:

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nose, brown hair, long hair, black hair, singer, Too much stress is one of the main reasons you are getting a headache. You may feel overwhelmed or in a constant rush and your head throbs as a result. You could even be stressing over constant failures. To deal with your headaches and combat them, take some time to sit and relax. Turn off all media, enjoy silence and just breathe. This will help you to ward off headaches for good!


Pain in the Neck

black and white, person, finger, monochrome photography, muscle, If you feel pain in your neck, you are likely feeling resentment towards someone or maybe you are just unhappy with yourself at the moment. To ward off this pain, learn to forgive and love the world. People do not want to hurt you; usually, it is accidental. Become more positive and you will feel more fulfilled as a result!


Shoulder Pain

person, screenshot, MCC, If you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and are stressed, you need to communicate more. Talk to others and express your feelings. There is no reason to coop all your worries inside of you. Share your feelings with your loved ones and as a result you will let go of the burden on your shoulders!


Upper Back Pain

I'M, If you feel pain in your upper back, you are likely not feeling appreciated in your life right now. Maybe you need a thank you from a loved one and you are craving greater purpose. Open your heart and mind and show the world love. The more you love, the more you will feel reciprocation!


Lower Back Pain

geological phenomenon, screenshot, extreme sport, yakisebaru, back, If you are feeling deep pain in your lower back, you are probably stressed over lack of money. Maybe finances are your focus as you try to keep up with your friends that have more. Stop looking at everyone else and find your passion. If you find a career that you love, you will earn money while feeling less stressed. And you will barely feel like you are working!



action film, PAIN, Pain in our hands can be due to lack of companionship. Maybe you really need to hold hands with your partner and feel loved. Open your heart, make new friends and love the world around you. There is nothing better than showing loved and feeling it all right back at you.



black and white, darkness, monochrome photography, film noir, monochrome, If you are feeling pain in your feet, you may be afraid to move forward in life. Your fear is causing pain in your feet and if you change your mentality, you will rid your feet of this pain. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and be ready to move upward and on in life. Whatever your next move in life may be, be ready for positive change in life!

So kick that nasty stress to the curb by loving yourself, loving others and making a positive impact on the world each and every day!

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I usually have these shoulder pains and headache when I am stressed but if the pain is intolerable, then consulting with a physician is very important as it could mean something else. Nice article!

Sigh. How about balancing this with some sound medical observations? Pain ANYWHERE in your body should not be ignored. Nor should it be treated as simply a sign of affection you are not getting.

Very inetresting , good article.

So true

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