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Ways to Unwind for People Stressed out by the Holiday Season ...

By Jessica

The holidays are packed full of activities and to-do lists that can leave anyone feeling totally drained! With all there is to do--buying and wrapping gifts, decorating, preparing meals and attending parties--it's easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out. If you need ways to unwind and gain back your stamina during this crazy-awesome season, keep reading! 👇🏽🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

1 It's OK to Say "no" 😬🙅🏼

It's difficult not to want do everything during the holiday season and attend every single party you're invited to! After all, getting together with friends and family to celebrate this magical season is what the holidays are about! But keep in mind that spreading yourself too thin is a recipe for burn-out. So before the stress even sets in, decide to say "no" sometimes and keep things simple with a cozy night in!

2 Plan a Day to Relax 💆🏽

Among all the chaos of the holidays, it's nearly impossible to find time to truly relax and unwind! Try actually scheduling a day to do exactly that--get your girls together and plan a spa day or long brunch! Anything that sounds incredible and relaxing will be so worth it for your sanity and mental clarity.


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3 Delegate Tasks! 👉🏽🤗

Are you one to take charge during the holidays? Perhaps you plan parties, shop for other people, or cook meals and desserts constantly. If this is something you love, that's great! However, it's ok (and actually important), to delegate some tasks to those who are willing to help out. You'll have less of a burden to get everything done and more time to actually enjoy the holidays!

4 Take a Break from Social Media 📲⏰

Social media is hard this time of year, being constantly bombarded by what other people are doing and the adventures their having, can leave you with serous FOMO (fear of missing out). It might be wise to unplug from social media for a while so you can focus on the joy around you and not be consumed with wishful thinking!

5 Do Something Rejuvenating Every Day 💃🏻

It doesn't have to be much, however every day you should do something rejuvenating! Try a morning meditation session, evening walk, quiet time to read, or even just afternoon tea with family and friends; Anything that grounds you and is life-giving. It will make your stress disappear, at least for a time!

6 Squeeze in Exercise if You Can 🏋🏽

Exercise is good for the mind and body, we all know that. But it can be super hard to hit the gym this time of year! The cold weather on top of all the various festivities make visiting the gym less than appealing. But, if you make time for it even if it's just a couple times a week, your body and mind will thank you! It's the perfect stress reliever, you'll be happier and your body will just feel good, giving you that boost of energy you need! Plus, that means you can indulge in extra treats. 😜

7 Go to Sleep! 💤😴

If you're finding yourself mega stressed, check your sleep habits. Sleep tends to be the last thing on our priority list when a lot of stuff needs to get done. Ironically sleep is probably the most important! Lack of sleep causes so many bodily issues, including illness, exhaustion, irritability, and feeling generally run-down and stressed out. So, get to sleep at a reasonable hour if you want your stress levels to decrease!

If you find yourself stressed out during the holidays just remember you're totally not alone! What are some ways you unwind during stressful times, particularly during the holiday season? 🎄🎁❄️☃🕎

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