Potential Causes and Cures for Moodiness ...


Potential Causes and Cures for Moodiness ...
Potential Causes and Cures for Moodiness ...

Life has its share of ups and downs, and our moods change accordingly. But sometimes, there’s not an obvious reason why you might be feeling a little off. It can be frustrating to be confused and unsure why you’re feeling the way you do, but luckily there are some possibilities to look into that might by why. We’ve gathered some here for you.

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Lack of Sleep😴

human action, person, mouth, sense, interaction, Okay, so this one may seem a little obvious actually: if you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll probably be cranky. But did you know that almost 40% of people don’t get the recommended amount? That’s a large number. Even getting one more hour of sleep could help your mood improve and make you feel better, and so does sticking to a consistent schedule (always getting up around the same time).


Crazy Hormones

hair, person, blond, hairstyle, pregnan, I think we all hate when we’re in a mood and get asked if it’s our time of the month. But hormones can go crazy 😜 regardless of if your on your period, so it is important to pay attention to your body and see if things have been unusual. It’s always good to check with your doctor if you have fluctuations in mood, because adjusting your estrogen levels can help regulate things.


Not Enough Exercise🚴🏻

hair, face, blond, beauty, pink, If you spend your time sitting around for most of the day, you might experience more moodiness than if you had some exercise in your life. It can seem hard, especially if you have a day job at an office where you have to sit a lot. Studies actually show that just five minutes a day (if that’s all you can spare) can improve your mentality. So taking the stairs instead of the elevator or doing a lap around the cubicles is a great start.


Too Much Caffeine

cartoon, anime, screenshot, offee, time, I know I rely on my morning coffee ☕️ to get me through the day, as do most people. But having too much caffeine in general can make you more anxious and nervous. You can also experience those yucky withdrawal symptoms if you get used to high amounts and then go without one day. Keeping track and consuming it in normal amounts can really improve your moods.


Poor Eating Schedule🍌🍎

person, blond, mouth, leg, screenshot, Have you ever been super hangry (hungry and angry)? Well. We have. If you have an eating schedule that is totally inconsistent, it messes with the amount of nutrients your body absorbs and affects how they are absorbed. If you’re lacking the fuel your body needs, then your health can decrease and you can be left feeling pretty blah. It’s so important to make sure you’re getting those vitamins, even if it means taking supplements.


Thyroid Problems

human action, hair, face, person, mouth, Your thyroid actually affects your hormones as well, but these are the hormones that help your body regulate its metabolism. If you have a problem with your thyroid gland, then you can feel extremely tired and down in the dumps ☹️. It can also affect your health by making it hard to lose weight, giving you an increase in muscle cramps, and making your skin dry (to name a few). It’s not a bad idea to get a blood test to rule this out.


You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard

person, quit., GIFSec.com, Does the word workaholic ring a bell to you? If you are taking on a lot of projects at once or extra work at the office, then this can affect your mood immensely. It’s hard to balance life and work and most people end up being cranky and stressed if there’s not a happy medium. It’s good to just take a break and try not to pressure yourself into going above and beyond. You have to take care of yourself first!

These are just a few of the reasons that might be contributing to your mood swings. Definitely evaluate what seems most likely for you and investigate how you can positively make a change! Good luck! 👍👍

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I would have to agree with all of the above...... However there is sometimes you work with assholes and that can also make you moody!

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