Easy Steps to Turn Your Stress from a Negative into a Positive ...


Easy Steps to Turn Your Stress from a Negative into a Positive ...
Easy Steps to Turn Your Stress from a Negative into a Positive ...

We all get stressed out from time to time. Some of us spend a good amount of time in that state. Most women feel like stress is a bad thing and the more stressed out you get, the more stress gets piled on. Here’s some good news for you though. Stress can be a good thing. You can totally turn it around to benefit you. It will take some practice, but once you figure out how it works, you can make stress work for you instead of the other way around. Check out these ideas from the experts at Good Housekeeping magazine.

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Rethink Your Busy Schedule

Many women thrive on the busyness of their lives. It’s like a badge of courage. The busier we are, the better we are. That’s simply not true. Staying on the go constantly can burn you out and make you hate life. Make the stress work for you by turning around your way of thinking. Instead of griping about how busy you are, say you’re so glad you always get it done and that you’re lucky to have a great job and fun kids to spend time with. 


Stop Creating New Stress

This is easier said than done, I know, but if you can get into the habit of not piling on more stress, you can feel less stressed and happier. For example, if you get stressed out when your kid forgets to bring his books home so he can do his homework, stop berating yourself for being a terrible parent who can’t get it together and tell yourself that your son’s homework is his responsibility and has no bearing on your parenting skills.


Be More Specific with Your Praise

You might be wondering how this can make you fix your stress, but it really can. Experts say that piling on compliments will help you create better social connections, which in turn helps you feel less stressed. In fact, research shows that having plenty of social support around you can help you tame stress so it makes sense that building more solid relationships can help you make stress work for you.


Stop Saying “Can’t”

Have you ever been in the midst of something super stressful and are just seconds from throwing in the towel and giving it up altogether? We’ve all been there, but experts say that simply eliminating “can’t” from your vocabulary can help you use the stress you feel in the moment to power through the project or task and get it done.


Be Thankful Even when You’re Super Stressed

Starting today, start writing down three or four things that make you grateful every single day. Then, next time you’re stressed out in a big way, you can pull out your notebook and scan the things that make you grateful. This simple little thing is sometimes all it takes to help you tone down the stress and use it to get things done. Cool, right?


Look for More Meaning in Your Stress

Chances are that when you feel stressful it’s because you care about what’s going on. You get flustered at work because it means something to you to get things done right and to succeed. Your kids stress you out because you’re invested in their lives. Next time you’re feeling stressed, tap into why and you’ll most likely have a reason to be grateful rather than stressed. Refer to #5 for more info.


Don’t Let Traumatic Things Ruin You

I would never try to downplay the trauma of a cancer diagnosis, a death in the family or losing your home or job. However, research shows that these experiences can work for the good if you let them. Instead of letting the issue totally overwhelm you, consider how it could bring you closer to your friends and family, how you could find a way better job or realize just how strong you really are.


Use Your Stress as Fuel

If you're looking to start a new workout routine but feel you can't because of stress-think again! Take that anger and frustration and throw it into your workout to get killer results! Using this fuels your body and pushes you to work harder giving you quicker results and a better attitude after the gym. Exercise releases endorphins which makes you happy.



Instead of allowing your mind to constantly go back to the stressor, find ways to bring you back out of it. Be it meditation, a friendly ear to vent to, or breathing exercises. Just find what helps you to let go of the stress for now and focus on the task at hand. Ground yourself to prevent the stress from completely overwhelming you.


Break It down

Don't allow your stress to break you, be the one to break your stress! Take the main problem and break it into pieces. These are the steps to fix it. By figuring out how you'll eliminate the stress from your life, you're already on a path to becoming stress free which should be a relief in itself.

How do you make stress work for you?

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