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10 Tips to Help You Relax You May Not Have Considered Yet ...

By Tara

The stress and rigors of daily life can make relaxation seem like a far distant dream. With modern technology of phones with email accessibility, computers and the daily tasks that seem to build on top of this, you may be feeling pretty overwhelmed. But do not let the stress take over your life. Get a grip and find a way to let go of all the stress. There are countless relaxation techniques that can literally transform your day and bring you into a peaceful, happy state. So check out how you can relax, unwind and destress for the better of both your physical and mental health:

1 Clean up Environment

vacation, mountain, adventure, walking, sunlight,Look around at your environment and tidy it up. If you notice stacks of papers and dust, it is no wonder you can’t relax. Take some time to clean and organize your environment. Getting organized will help to relax your mind and also increase your daily productivity. This is a relaxation technique you probably never thought of!

2 Meditate for Your Mental Health

human action, leisure, season, footwear, jumping,If your mind is constantly going and you have trouble controlling your thoughts, meditation is key to reclaim your thoughts. Meditation is getting into a state where your mind stills and you get lost in a state of relaxation. If you can master the ability to do this you will feel lighter, more energetic and your workload will seem to reduce!


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3 Go for a Workout

hair, clothing, undergarment, black hair, swimwear,Exercise was probably not on your thoughts as a relaxation technique but it is probably the best at helping you to destress. Exercise clears your mind, lowers your stress and just helps you to feel better. I find there is no bad feeling after I finish a workout. I always feel less stressed and more relaxed!

4 Take Time for Yourself

hair, human hair color, blond, clothing, human positions,Take time for yourself relaxing at home or even doing what you love to do. Relaxing can be going to a coffee shop to sip tea, going for a run or even shopping. Relax with whatever helps you to let go and enjoy this simple time for yourself. There is little time to do this so make the most of every moment!

5 Turn off Your Phone

clothing, lingerie, undergarment, dress, little black dress,With cell phones, you are pretty much always on call for whomever needs you but sometimes you need to just step away. Turn off your phone and disconnect from the outside world. Use this time to relax and just focus on you.

6 Get Away from All Media

white, clothing, wedding dress, bridal clothing, gown,Television, computers, Ipads and phones are all media that can cloud your mind and stress you out. Just reading the daily news may be enough to send you over the edge today so take a day away. Or better yet, limit your media time each day. This will help you to relax, destress and enjoy the beauty of each day!

7 Make a Change

clothing, person, brassiere, undergarment, photography,If you are like me and live in the same routine on a day to day basis, you may find yourself bored in your own life. So step away and make a change. It can be as simple as changing your walking route or trying out a different fitness center. Switching it up is good every now and then and it will help you to lower your stress and reinvigorate your life!

8 Try Deep Breathing

hair, photograph, clothing, person, image,If you're on the go and need to relax your body, practice taking a few deep breaths. Focus on your breaths as you inhale and exhale. Deep breathing slows the heart rate and lowers blood pressure so it's great for girls riddled with anxiety.

9 Laugh

festival, dance, costume,Laughing is an excellent way to lighten your mental load, lower cortisol in your body, as well as boost endorphins. This is a great way to help you de-stress and center yourself when you feel riddled with anxiety.

10 Crank up the Music

product, petal, organ, fashion accessory, heart,Looking for a quick fix to calm you? Put some headphones on and blast some soothing music. Studies show this lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. Turning on some nature sounds and allowing yourself to get lost in the noises for a bit can help your mindset more than you realize.

So relax your body, let go of the stress and get in the zen moment. It is important to enjoy the beauty of each day without the stress attached because every day is truly a gift!

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