Tips for Girls with Bad Posture That'll Make Them Look like Ballerinas ...


Besides making you look slouchy, bad posture isn’t good for your spine or back muscles.

If your mom is always bugging you to stand up straight and stop slouching, you need the information on this list.

There are several easy ways to improve your posture so you always carry yourself with an air of elegance and beauty.

You can’t change your poor posture overnight and it will take some work, but you’ll be so glad you put in the time and effort.

Here’s how, thanks to the experts at Family Circle magazine.

1. Stop Sitting at Your Desk All Day Long

The longer you sit at your desk, the more you slouch as the day goes on.

To counteract this problem, ask your boss for a standing desk.

Then sit for 20 minutes, then stand for 8 minutes, suggest the posture experts.

This will keep you sitting up straight all day long and the standing intervals ensure that you don’t start slouching without realizing it.

If your boss doesn’t go for it, get up and walk around for a couple of minutes every so often during the day.

Don’t Lock Your Knees when Standing
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