9 Undeniable Benefits of Using Aloe Vera for IBS ...


When my tummy decides to give me a fit on occasion, I often forget how amazing aloe vera for IBS can be. This incredible plant has been used for centuries for all types of medicinal health purposes, including IBS. This spiky, cactus looking plant often gets touted as a remedy for burns and inflammation, but what about using aloe vera for IBS? Haven’t tried it, you say? Let me give you a few reasons to reconsider.

1. Anti-inflammatory

Just like people use aloe vera to relieve inflammation from burns and blisters, using aloe vera for IBS can help reduce inflammation in a similar way. It helps to soothe the inner lining of the intestines and can help reduce inflammatory responses there as well. An unhealthy diet or stress can cause inflammation in the intestines, along with digestive disorders like IBS. You can use the gel of aloe vera or the juice in a smoothie, or just use it plain.

Treats Constipation
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