9 Ways to Battle a Bloated Belly Fast ...


Belly bloat is a woman’s arch nemesis when she wants to feel her best, and there are many ways to battle a bloated belly you might not be aware of that can help you out. A girl doesn’t want to feel puffy on any day, but especially for social events! Bloat can be so painful and irritating, it can truly affect a woman’s self confidence, sense of well-being and energy levels. I bet you probably already know that though, and bloating isn’t just from having your menstrual cycle. There are many ways to battle a bloated belly that have nothing to do with your cycle, and can all be so helpful in a time of need. Check them out and I hope they work for you!

1. Get Rid of Gluten

Even if you’re not allergic to gluten, you should be aware that when learning ways to battle a bloated belly, the gluten has to to go! Gluten naturally causes bloat because it contains properties that absorb water and help foods to “fluff” up. It also contains natural carbohydrates that are known as fructans, and cause gastrointestinal disturbances in almost everyone, even those that don’t realize it. Many people are sensitive to gluten, and not only with bloat, but with minor pain, fatigue, joint pain and off digestion. Get rid of all sources of gluten in your foods, such as wheat, barley and rye, and switch to gluten-free oats. They’re one of the biggest non-gluten grains out there. Quinoa and brown rice, along with wild rice and amaranth, are also excellent.

Get Rid of the Gum
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