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Are you looking for ways to deal with a dust allergy? Dust allergies are the pits. I know because I have dealt with having severe dust allergies for years. Along the way I have discovered some of the best ways to deal with a dust allergy.

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Get Rid of the Carpet

One of the best ways to deal with a dust allergy is to get rid of the carpet. We had to do this in our home. I know that it is a huge expense to replace your flooring but it will help you so much to not have carpet in your home. If you cannot afford to replace it all at one time, it is fine to take it one room at a time. The more you get out, the healthier your environment will be.


Replace Blinds with Shades

Replacing blinds with shades is a great way to deal with dust allergies. Blinds have all of those little slots where dust can collect. They are horrible to clean, too. A shade does not have anywhere for dust to collect. They are so much easier to clean, too. Simply wipe them down with a damp rag.


Buy Dust Covers

You can buy dust covers for your mattress and pillow. It really makes sense to do this step first because your bed is where you spend around one-third of your time each day. If you can, it is best to replace your mattress and pillow if they are more than a few years old. As mattresses and pillows age, the dust and dust mites are numerously more. If nothing else, though, be sure to invest in some dust covers for them.


Go for Leather Furniture

This is going to be my next step in the fight against dust. My allergist, and most allergists, recommends that you get rid of your upholstered furniture. It is the same thing as carpet in that it is just a collection place for dust and a breeding ground for dust mites. Leather is the healthier choice for those that suffer from dust allergies. Until you can do that, be sure to at least vacuum out your living room furniture frequently.


Pare down on Décor

I love a beautifully decorated home but the truth is, that the more items you have, the more dust you have. All you are doing is setting up more traps for dust to gather in. I am not saying not to have items to add to the décor of your home but paring down can help. I try to purchase only the items I really love and go for more of a minimalist look.


Buy Good AC Filters

This is an easy step in the fight against dust. Spring for the good filters for your ac unit. If you have a central heat and air unit, there are many options in filters. If you look at them, they usually tell you what they help to protect against. Make sure you are purchasing a filter that keeps the dust and dust mites out.


Ask Your Doctor for Advice

There are many more suggestions that your doctor can give you. Ask them what else you can do to make your home a healthy environment for you. There are also medications that you can take to help you when these measures are not enough. Those medications can come in the form of pills, nasal sprays, inhalers or even allergy injections. These measures can greatly increase how well you can deal with your dust allergies.

I would love to hear from you. What do you do for your dust allergies? What steps have you taken?

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My sister has dust allergy, and we essentially clean the house and vacuum twice a week, to keep it clean.

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