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7 Best Natural Remedies to Cure a Headache ...

By Heather

Certain natural remedies to cure a headache might not be things that initially come to mind. We often pop an Advil and go on about our day. Instead of that, let’s try a few natural remedies to cure a headache first. The fewer chemicals you put in your body, the better, and the healthier, happier, and more energetic you’ll be. This is also a great way to enhance your immune health without even really trying. Next time you feel your head start to ache, try some of these tips instead of reaching for the painkillers.

1 Turmeric Tea

One of my favorite natural remedies to cure a headache is using turmeric in a hot cup of tea. You can use the whole root, or the powder. I’d use about ¼ inch of the root and 1 tsp. of the powder for the strongest effect. Turmeric is a beautiful yellow root that is sold as a spice in stores and used in many curry powders. It has a fairly mild taste despite its pungent smell. It’s one of the highest anti-inflammatory foods in the world, and a little goes a long way. It can cure everything from a stomach ache, to muscle pain, and yes, even the everyday headache.

2 Ginger

Ginger in any form is a great way to reduce a headache fast. Ginger is another top anti-inflammatory food and also a root like turmeric. You’ll find them side by side in the grocery store in your produce section. A good chunk of ginger is actually no more than a dollar or two. Grate fresh ginger root in smoothies, in tea, and even just eat a slice or two. I find that hot tea works the best for a headache, since it dissolves in the hot liquid and provides a soothing benefit as you sip. You can also buy ginger tea. I love Traditional Medicine’s Ginger Aid, which is my favorite.

3 Peppermint Oil

I keep peppermint oil in my fridge and use it for everything. Seriously. I use it in smoothies, tea, homemade raw truffles, and even chocolate baked goods. I love peppermint and it makes a great headache tonic when used in hot water to make a tea. A little goes a long way fast! The menthol in peppermint dissolves into the hot water and provides a soothing, relaxing action in the body, that helps relieve muscles which cause headaches. Buy pure peppermint oil since some forms have added sugars or chemicals.

4 A Hot Compress

Another tip for relieving a headache naturally only requires some hot water and a soft cloth. Dip the cloth in the water and use it as a compress against your forehead and temples. Do this for five minutes, and lie down since it might make you dizzy from the temperature change. Then, do it again and repeat a couple times.

5 Feverfew

If you have a migraine, you might want to try feverfew. This herb has been used in many cultures to treat migraine headaches. You can buy a tincture, an herbal tea, or a pill at any health food store.

6 Green Juice

Now, let’s get to my personal favorite cure for a headache - green juice! Green juice will cure anything, I always say. It’s true. Anytime my stomach hurts, my head hurts, my digestion suffers, or I’m low in energy, I make a shot of green juice. Just a little is all you need, about 4 ounces. I like to use magnesium rich greens, which naturally relieve headaches, plus ginger root, lemon and celery. All of these have active ingredients that help relieve a headache fast. Carrot, lime, cucumber and turmeric root are also very helpful. Just don’t forget the greens! Spinach, kale, and fresh herbs are the most effective. Don’t have a juicer? Blend these with just about ¼ cup water, and strain with a nut milk bag to make your own. It’s not quite the same, but will work in a pinch!

7 Magnesium Caps

Last but not least, if nothing else works, pop 2 magnesium caps and go on about your day. Magnesium relaxes your muscles, improves their function, and squashes anxiety and tension in every form. Most every person is deficient in this mineral for a couple reasons. First, it’s depleted quicker in your body than any other nutrient because stress actually prevents your body from absorbing it optimally from foods. Also, our soils have been depleted of minerals through farming methods, which means all conventional produce is lacking in this vital mineral. Magnesium is responsible for healthy moods, healthy digestion, optimal energy, quality sleep, and reducing stress. It can improve athletic performance, combat depression and anxiety, and help those with IBS. It’s also a quick headache reliever. Use a magnesium complex instead of just magnesium oxide, as the latter might make you a little sleepy if you’re not used to it. It’s completely natural, but is pretty powerful!

Headaches are no fun, but stay away from the chemical stuff, and try some of these natural remedies instead. Okay, now your turn! Do you have a natural headache remedy to share with me?


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