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7 Tips to Help You Recover from a Stomach Virus Easier ...

By Alicia

It is always good to know some helpful tips to help you recover from a stomach virus easier. Stomach viruses are awful to endure; there is no doubt about it. They drain your strength and leave you feeling completely wiped out. Following these tips to help you recover from a stomach virus can get you back on your feet sooner.

1 Start Slowly on Liquids

When you are trying to recover from a stomach virus, you need to start slowly back on liquids. This is usually hard to do because you usually want to have more than you are able to handle at first. You may even crave some kind of food that is absolutely not good for you at that point in time. It is best to start with ice chips and a sports drink with electrolytes such as Gatorade or PowerAde. As your tummy does okay with those, then you can progress to clear sodas and broths.

2 Progress to BRAT Diet

After you are tolerating clear liquids, it is best to follow the BRAT diet for a day or two. The BRAT diet stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. It consists of foods that relate to those specific foods such as crackers and dry Rice Chex, too. This is a bland diet that will give your body some recovery time before you resume a regular diet. You can Google the BRAT diet to get more information about it.

3 Allow Yourself to Rest

A stomach virus can just wipe you out. After you have had one, you need to give yourself some recovery time to rest and recuperate. Do not attempt to jump right back into your regular activities. Take a day or two to get extra sleep and rest so that your body can recover from what it has been through. If you do not take care of yourself, you could possibly revert back to your illness.

4 Rehydrate Carefully

A stomach virus takes a lot of fluids from your body. There is always the risk of dehydration. You need to replace those lost fluids. Work on putting fluids back into your body as your tummy will tolerate them. Try to stay away from caffeinated beverages for a while because they will not help you rehydrate.

5 Take It Easy on the Tummy

Your stomach needs rest from spicy foods after a stomach virus. Take it easy for about a week or so after you have been sick. Start with the BRAT diet and then gradually add in other foods until you are completely recovered. It is best to stick with bland foods for that period of time so that you will not risk upsetting your stomach again. It is very possible to get sick from eating foods that are too spicy or foods that are too rich too soon.

6 Take a Multivitamin

When you are sick with a stomach virus, you are not taking in adequate nutrition. When you can begin to eat again, take a multivitamin for a few days to help with that. A multivitamin is not meant to meet all of our nutritional needs but it is a good way to replace missing nutrients in our diet temporarily. Think of it as a way to cover the gap you are missing nutritionally. As you can, begin eating a more fully healthy diet again and you can stop the multivitamin if you wish.

7 Sanitize Contaminated Surfaces

Viruses are contagious. When you feel well enough, you need to sanitize contaminated surfaces. This includes your bathroom, your sheets and all the areas that you were in the most while you were sick. If you have a sanitize cycle on your dishwasher it would be a good idea to use that for a few days. Otherwise you can just wash your dishes in hot soapy water. These measures will help you to keep from getting it again or passing it to others in your home.

These measures should help you to recover quicker when a stomach virus hits. What helps you to feel better after a stomach virus? Your tips can help others to get through this illness easier.

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