8 Ways to Calm down when You're Mad ...


We've all been there, sometimes things happen that lead us to look for ways to calm down because we've gotten so angry and upset.

Maybe you just heard that someone was talking bad behind your back or your spouse is getting on your case about something you don't want to discuss.

Whatever the reason, trying to fight back out of anger is never the right solution.

So here are 8 ways to calm down when you're mad for you to use when things just aren't going your way!

1. Just Breathe

One of the best and simplest ways to calm down when you're mad is to just breathe!

Your first instinct might be to open your mouth and say (or shout) something that you may regret later.

Instead, close it and breathe!

Taking a breath buys you time to step back, put things in perspective, and bite your tongue before you say something.2

Not to mention that when you're angry, your body tenses up and restricts your breathing.

So just breathe!

2. Remove Yourself

Removing yourself is a very effective way to calm yourself down when angry.

If something or someone in your office is making you angry, step outside for a short walk or to get a tea.

If your spouse or kids are making you angry, go for a drive or take a shower.

You can use this time to clear your thoughts and look at the big picture.

Usually you will realize that whatever is bothering you is not as important as it seemed at the time.

It also gives you time to think of a solution.

3. Write It out

Sometimes, finding that emotional release can be as simple as putting your feelings into words.

So grab your computer (or a pen and some paper) and write out your thoughts and feelings.

However, be sure that afterwards, you just keep them to yourself.

Sending your thoughts on paper to someone is never a safe thing to do.

You never know who else's hands they may end up in!

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