7 Tips to Calm down when You Start to Get Stressed ...


It's always useful to have tips to calm down. We all get stressed at times and need to calm ourselves down. It may only need a few simple steps to help you relax. If you feel that you're getting stressed, try these tips to calm down - you're sure to find something that works for you …

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Take Five

The first of my tips to calm down is to take five minutes out from whatever is stressing you. Sit down, stretch out, and calm your breathing. Sometimes, all you need is that few minutes break to make you feel calmer, then you're recharged to return to whatever you were doing.



Try to put whatever is stressing you into perspective. Is it really that bad? Once you look at it calmly, you may realise that it's not as big a deal as it seemed. We can get ourselves ridiculously worked up over something that's actually fairly trivial. Take a step back and look at the issue. For example, you can't find a parking space near work one morning. Having to walk a few minutes isn't going to hurt …


Deep Breathing

Most people don't know how to breathe properly and when you're stressed, you're particularly prone to breathing wrongly. The correct technique is simple and you'll soon get used to it. When you breathe in, your abdomen should expand, and when you breathe out, it should go in. Try a few deep breaths when you're stressed and you'll notice how you feel calmer.


Walk Away

When you're feeling stressed, walking away is a good idea. This can be literally, as in walking physically away from the situation that's causing your stress; remaining in the surroundings will simply prolong the stress. Walking away can also mean to go for a walk; taking some gentle exercise is good for helping you to relax.



If you're prone to stressing out easily, a simple technique may help you. When you find yourself getting wound up, simply stay STOP! to yourself. This can help to halt your nerves and begin calming down. It breaks the trap of focussing on what is stressing you. Some people find it helpful to put an elastic band around their wrist and ping the band when they feel stressed.


Rescue Remedy

Many people find that Rescue Remedy helps their nerves; it's a good answer for times like taking your driving test or an exam. Rescue Remedy is a mix of five Bach Flower Remedies designed for stressful situations. You can carry the bottle around with you and take a few drops when you need to.


Take Action

Lastly, stress can be caused by feeling that you are not in control of a situation, so decide how you can take control. Action allows you to feel that you are doing something about the problem, rather than just panicking about it. When you see that there is a way through the problem, you will calm down.

Stress and worry are unpleasant, and can be difficult to cope with. You need to find ways of reducing your anxiety levels, so that you don't get stuck in worrying what to do. Try these tips, and see what works for you. What's your favorite way to de-stress?

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take a break, and relaxe

Indeed all of them work💗💟💋💜

Thanks...I needed this

take few sips of water

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