7 Ways Your Lifestyle Could Be Aging You ...


No matter how healthy you feel you are, there are ways your lifestyle could be aging you. I am a self-confessed awake-a-holic, also known as an 'insomniac.' I haven't always been this way; in fact, pre-kids I could engage in sleep-a-thons of all lengths. Learning more about the ways your lifestyle could be aging you is a great way to make some lifestyle changes.

1. Not Sleeping Enough

I am absolutely guilty of this one. I know there are ways I can get a handle on my sleep. Valerian root usually sees me right, but I don't always give in. Why? Because insomnia comes in pretty handy when you are balancing a dissertation, work, two kids, and a mild history addiction. Out of all the ways your lifestyle could be aging you, this one has both long and short-term effects. In the short-term, you are too tired for your age and your eyebags make you look older. Long-term, not sleeping causes weight gain and may even increase wrinkles.

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