7 Ways Your Lifestyle Could Be Aging You ...


No matter how healthy you feel you are, there are ways your lifestyle could be aging you.

I am a self-confessed awake-a-holic, also known as an 'insomniac.' I haven't always been this way;

in fact, pre-kids I could engage in sleep-a-thons of all lengths.

Learning more about the ways your lifestyle could be aging you is a great way to make some lifestyle changes.

1. Not Sleeping Enough

I am absolutely guilty of this one.

I know there are ways I can get a handle on my sleep.

Valerian root usually sees me right, but I don't always give in.


Because insomnia comes in pretty handy when you are balancing a dissertation, work, two kids, and a mild history addiction.2

Out of all the ways your lifestyle could be aging you, this one has both long and short-term effects.

In the short-term, you are too tired for your age and your eyebags make you look older.

Long-term, not sleeping causes weight gain and may even increase wrinkles.

2. Dehydrating

Again, I am totally guilty of this one too.

My usual fluid intake usually consists of caffeine, soda, and often a combination of the two.

With all those diuretics, I am dehydrating myself.

Dry skin isn't all that resilient, which again, makes it prone to wrinkling.

Switching to water can boost your collagen production, which in turn enhances skin repair.

Don't dehydrate, drink water like it's an awesome cocktail instead.

3. Too Much Sun

It is really hard to resist lying in the sun and building an amazing tan.2

Sunshine boosts your mood, tans make you look thinner...what is there to lose?

When you absorb too many UV rays, they break down the collagen and elastin in your skin.

These structural components lie deep in your skin's tissues and keep it looking plump and fresh.2

So too much UV and you will end up looking like a leather handbag.


Too Little Sun
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