7 Ways Cancer Affects More than the Patient ...

There's no denying that cancer affects more than just the patient. Guest contributor Jennifer Gilligan shares exactly how this deadly illness results in a difficult and trying time for everyone involved.

Cancer is the disease that can remove any sense of hope while planting a seed of hopelessness. Some think it only affects the people it is infecting, but they are sadly mistaken. Cancer affects everyone around them as well. Here are a few ways cancer affects the people around the patient, and ways to cope with it.

1. Stress

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Caregivers have an elevated stress level. A lot of times they don’t know what the results of their loved one’s tests are going to be and that can be nerve wracking in itself. It can increase the stress hormone in the body, trigger you into a state of crisis which may cause you to overeat, cause insomnia due to worry, and bring up a myriad other health issues. However, caregivers, friends, and family all need to realize that their stressing over the situation will only reflect negatively on the patient.

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