7 Bodily Signs of Malnutrition to Be Aware of ...

By Heather

7 Bodily Signs of Malnutrition to Be Aware of ...

If you’re concerned you’re underweight, be sure you’re familiar with these signs of malnutrition to be aware of. Malnutrition can happen before you know it, and unfortunately I know this from past experiences. To keep yourself healthy, be sure you’re aware of these signs of malnutrition so you don’t become deathly underweight. Eating disorders affect millions of men and women everyday and malnutrition is often a result. Don’t let that happen to you or someone you love. Stay aware of these signs of malnutrition so you and those you love can stay happy and healthy in 2014!

Table of contents:

  1. breastbone
  2. losing hair
  3. constant fatigue
  4. distended stomach
  5. breaking nails
  6. backbones
  7. dental problems

1 Breastbone

If every bone in your breastbone is showing, that is one of the first leading signs of malnutrition. Being this low in weight means your body isn’t getting enough of something, and over time, you’ll start to notice other signs too. Your body is low in fat when every bone in your breastbone shows, which causes you to look frail and gaunt. I used to struggle with this myself, and always knew when I started losing too much weight, it was time to increase my calories by adding healthy foods to my diet in higher calorie amounts.

2 Losing Hair

If your body is losing hair pretty quickly, this is another sign of malnutrition to be aware of. Losing hair isn’t natural for an extended period of time, though it might be for a short time. If you find you’re losing hair more rapidly than before, be sure your body is getting enough protein, healthy fats, and good sources of low glycemic carbs. A protein deficiency, fat deficiency, and a lack of B vitamins from whole grains like oats and quinoa can all cause hair loss. Also, if you don’t tolerate grains, be sure to take a B supplement instead. High glycemic carbs can actually cause adrenal exhaustion and stress, which may cause hair loss. Keep your diet low glycemic and full of filling proteins, vegetables, and plenty of antioxidants so you can stay healthy and keep your gorgeous hair! The hair is always one of the first signs that will tell you something is off in the body nutritionally.

3 Constant Fatigue

If you suffer constant fatigue and aren’t eating much, this is one sign of malnutrition to be aware of that you should address right away. Constant fatigue is not only a sign of malnutrition, but also thyroid function problems, as well as a sign that your heart can’t keep up with the needs your body has on a daily basis. Be sure you’re eating enough, and eating regular meals to combat this issue firsthand.

4 Distended Stomach

If you rarely eat but always have a bloated belly, this is one sign that you may be suffering malnutrition. This is a sign your gut isn’t absorbing the nutrients you consume, which can cause poor digestion, bloating, and gas to occur.

5 Breaking Nails

Nails that break and tear or even bleed are another sign your body is missing key nutrients. Be sure to take proper care of your body through your diet and get enough nutrients to meet your body’s needs. You should focus on healthy proteins, nuts and seeds, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and all leafy greens. These will help build your nails and strengthen them to prevent tearing.

6 Backbones

If all the bones in your back start to show, this is another sign you are desperately underweight. Your entire backbone muscles should never show, especially if you’re not into bodybuilding or a physical activity that makes your muscles look more extended and prominent in the back. Backbones that show in severely underweight individuals are a definite sign of malnutrition, and one of the first things you should look for if you think you might be suffering.

7 Dental Problems

Another sign of malnutrition that many people suffer from is dental issues. Eroding gums, bleeding gums, losing your teeth, constant foul breath along with these other symptoms, and any kind of dental infection that won’t go away are all signs of malnutrition. If your diet is very low in calories, this is one issue that will show up pretty quickly. Be sure you stay on top of this issue and try to eat more nutrient dense foods each and every day. Your dental health is nothing to play around with, and you could suffer problems that affect your entire body later on if you don’t address the issue now.

Malnutrition is not simply about being thin. It’s about your body not getting the right nutrients each day, for whatever reasons. Sometimes, adding more calories from high quality foods to your diet can help, but you can also try taking digestive enzymes to increase digestion efficiency. This can help the nutrients you do eat to be absorbed better, and it can help compromised digestion that occurs during malnutrition as well. Have you ever suffered malnutrition, or do you know someone that has?

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