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Don’t you just love a good night’s sleep? Sometimes, we get into patterns where those nights are few and far between, but try to fight that! Instead, use these reasons why you should be getting a good night’s sleep as incentive. You’d be surprised by just how much these few benefits of sleep will encourage you to get to sleep a few hours earlier than usual. If you’re looking to get more sleep but aren’t sure if it’s worth your time, read on. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by a lot of these tips, but even more than that, they’ll inspire you to try to get a few more hours of sleep in every night.

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Curb Your Weight

Sleep is so important when it comes to weight loss for a few reasons. If you’re not sleeping enough, you’re much more likely to binge-eat foods that aren’t good for you to give you a jolt of energy. When you’re constantly running on low energy, you’re going to constantly reach for foods that aren’t good for you, which creates a vicious cycle.


You’ll Be so Much More Useful

When you have a lot to get done, your first instinct is to work through your exhaustion and stay up all night. That couldn’t be worse for you. Instead, go to sleep. Never sacrifice a large amount of your sleep for work. In fact, you’ll be surprised by just how much more efficient you are when you’re getting enough sleep.


You’re Less Likely to Burn out

If you’re especially stressed but can’t pinpoint why, you may just need to get more sleep. The more you sleep, the less likely you are to burn out from stress. You’ll be so much more well-rounded mentally that you’ll stay stronger mentally.


Your Immune System Will Be Stronger

Just like your mental health, your physical health will reap the benefits. Sleep helps keep your immune system strong. If you’ve noticed a problem with your immune system where you keep getting sick, try sleeping more. Who would’ve thought that a problem that seems so huge could be fixed with something as easy as sleeping?


Your Entire Body Will Thank You

When you start sleeping more, you will notice the positive effects it has on your body. For example, your skin will feel so much healthier. When you’re sleeping, your body is repairing itself. The more sleep you get, the more time your body has to fix all of the things that aren’t running properly!


It’s a Mood-Enhancer

Don’t you just feel so much better when you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep. I can’t promise that you’ll get a good night’s sleep every night, but if you get enough sleep, you are much more likely to get a good night’s sleep than if you’re only sleeping a few hours.


You Could Even Live Longer

When you think of living as long as possible, sleep is probably not something you contribute to that idea. Things like diet and exercise come into play, but not sleep. Unsurprisingly, people who get nine or more hours of sleep a night are more likely to live longer!

Why do you put such precedence on sleep? Have you been neglecting it lately? How are you going to break that habit? Let me know what you think!

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Reading this at 3am I should go to sleep now

The older you get the more you will appreciate a good night's sleep. It will make a huge difference in how you look and feel.

@Dey45, this is an incredible attitude you have towards your school work and future. You and I have something in common, I can stay up all night studying to achieve a good grade. Good luck!

I Looked up her Instagram, she's a very beautiful looking lady, but you Never know her personality in real life. Looks aren't everything

Well, take a look at cheek bone, nose and lips. This is a fake idea about what young girls look like; and what they should look like.

Mabe you should use a realistic girl in your photo,....

@Daniella Is she a cartoon? Nope, she's real. So, she's realistic. And I don't see how it matters anyway.

I sacrifice all my sleep for good grades. There's just not enough time during the day to do all my schoolwork, I want a good future and some things are jus worth sacrificing for. I would rather get into harvard and sacrifice my social life and sleep than be stuck.

@sidra lolzzz

Her instagram is :ginsmakeup @daniella she is realist MUA out there

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