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Cut down on Coffee by following These 7 Tips ...

By Alison

Are you a coffee addict? Do you spend so much at the coffee shop that you're on first name terms with all the staff there? Coffee can be an expensive habit, as well as having health implications if you overdo it. So if you're aware that you need to cut down your coffee intake, try these tips to help you through withdrawal …

1 Cut down Gradually

Going cold turkey isn't going to be fun, as you'll have caffeine withdrawal. So cut down on your coffee intake gradually, perhaps by cutting out one cup every few days or going longer between cups. If you get headaches, you can take painkillers. The gradual approach will also help you deal with the 'habit' side of drinking coffee.

2 Don't Keep Coffee at Home

Another way to help you cut down on coffee is to avoid having it at home. It's like cookies - you're less likely to consume something if you don't have it in the house. So don't stock up on instant coffee; enjoy the occasional high-quality cup in a coffee shop instead. You'll appreciate it more.


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3 Try Decaffeinated Coffee

If your coffee consumption is just something you do out of habit, make the switch to decaffeinated coffee instead. That way you'll be able to enjoy your cup of coffee without getting jittery. Make the switch gradually so that you don't get caffeine withdrawal.

4 Have an Alternative Drink Handy - There's More to Life than Coffee!

Always have some alternative drinks to hand, so that when you're tempted to make a coffee you can reach for something else instead. If you like hot drinks try stocking up on herbal teas instead; there are so many different varieties and they're more refreshing than coffee. But be sure to switch to healthy drinks such as juice or water; if you swap over to sodas instead you won't be making an improvement.

5 Use the Money You save to Treat Yourself

Work out how much you spend on your coffee habit over a month. You're bound to be surprised at how much it adds up to! You might not notice $3 a day going out of your wallet, but over six months that's a lot of money and nothing tangible to show for it. Put your coffee money in a box instead, and save it up for something to treat yourself with.

6 Overhaul Your Lifestyle

Cutting down on coffee gives you a good opportunity to overhaul your lifestyle in general. Do you need to improve your sleep quality (cutting down on coffee should help with that) or eat a better diet? Take this chance to work on any aspects of your lifestyle that could do with improving.

7 Try Relaxation Techniques

Finally, learning some relaxation techniques may help to alleviate the wish to drink coffee. It'll help to distract you and manage the change in your habits. Instead of shuffling into the kitchen for your first coffee of the day, try doing some yoga or stretches instead.

Coffee is not an essential part of our lives, but has become a habit for many of us. While you don't need to cut it out altogether, you'll probably benefit from cutting down on your consumption. Stick to enjoying an occasional coffee rather than needing several cups to get through the day. How much do you reckon you've spent on coffee in the past year?

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