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6 Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy You Need to Know ...

By May Ann

I'm sure you know about why saunas are so good for you, but do you know the benefits of Infrared sauna therapy? Everyone knows sweating can be a great source of burning calories and ridding any unwanted toxins from the body. However, how can a certain individual sweat when one is injured or incapable of doing any workout activities?

Sweating in infrared sauna is one of the most excellent options for solving the problem. Infrared saunas assist the body in releasing various toxins, such as mercury, lead and other chemicals. The advantage that this type of sauna brings doesn’t stop there. Here are all the benefits of infrared sauna therapy.

1 Relaxation

One of the best benefits of infrared sauna therapy is that it provides relaxation by helping the body balance your stress hormone levels. Also, the heat generated through the sauna allows your muscles to relax and relieves tension throughout your body.

2 Purify the Skin

The technology that infrared sauna offers helps purify your skin by getting rid of the toxins that occur in your pores. This also increases the blood circulation and helps your skin look fresher and younger.

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3 Relieve Pain

If you experience muscle or joint pain, infrared sauna therapy can make you feel better. Infrared saunas provide relief from inflammation by increasing blood circulation and allowing the muscles to relax.

4 Lose Weight

Heat generated from infrared saunas increases your body temperature, which increases your heart rate. Some experts say this is similar to the increase in heart rate that occurs when cardio exercise, which can help you lose weight. When the body works to lower the core temperature or heart rate, the body burns calories, which can help you drop a few pounds.

5 Detoxification

Sweating is one of the body's natural ways to flush out toxins. When compared to the traditional Swedish saunas, infrared sauna therapy allows you to get rid of seven times more toxins.

6 Improve Circulation

When the heat of an infrared sauna increases the body's core temperature, your circulation will also increase. Regular use of an infrared sauna stimulates blood flow, boosts recovery of your muscles and decreases inflammation and pain after an intense workout.

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