10 Health Benefits of Vegetarianism for Health Conscious Gals ...


10 Health Benefits of Vegetarianism  for Health Conscious Gals ...
10 Health Benefits of Vegetarianism  for Health Conscious Gals ...

There are major health benefits for the vegetarian lifestyle which should be considered for anyone looking for a healthy change or anyone who just wants to find more about it! ‌‌Research on vegetarianism is essential before you decide to adapt to this very different lifestyle. It's also very important to have a proper plan in place so that you're still getting all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs, whether you're vegetarian or not.‌‌

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Lower Body Weight

human action, dish, eating, food, meal, Vegetarians have a higher chance of having a lower body mass index (BMI) than meat eaters, leading to them having a lower body weight. Vegetarianism is a great lifestyle to consider for those who are looking to lose weight in a heathy and completely safe way without turning to dieting, or those who would like to have a lower weight generally.


Cheaper Lifestyle

dish, food, produce, vegetable, salad, The vegetarian lifestyle will save you a lot of money since meat can be quite expensive, especially when brought on a regular basis. This is why it can be a great choice for those who are looking to cut costs and save money where they can!


Strong Voice for Animals

plant, flower, produce, land plant, food, Vegetarianism also means having a strong voice for animals, and if this is particularly important to you then it's definitely a great achievement to be standing up for what you believe in! At the end of the day, it's great to know that we're playing our part in standing up for those who don't have a voice or say in the matter and that is, of course, the animals themselves.


Longer Life Expectancy

dish, meal, food, breakfast, brunch, Because the vegetarian lifestyle tends to be healthier than one which consumes plenty of meat, it can be expected that there is a longer life expectancy due to this. Although it may not be significantly longer, it still has the ability to add at least a couple more years onto your life and is beneficial in this way.


Lower Risk of Diseases

person, cook, meal, eating, sense, Vegetarians can have a lower risk of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and forms of cancer. This is due to the lower intake of sugar, starch, high fat and processed foods. You're also avoiding major food groups which can lead to a lower risk of obesity.


Better Moods

clothing, person, lady, blond, fashion, Arachidonic acid is found in high meat diets, so of course vegetarians don't have an overload of it. From studies, this was shown to have an effect on mood disturbances. People who limit or eliminate meat, fish, and poultry have been found to have less mood swings and greater balance between moods, as well as, less neuroticism.


Improves Psoriasis

clothing, swimwear, hairstyle, muscle, sun tanning, Going vegetarian may be a great option for those suffering from psoriasis. This is a skin disease that causes puffy, red, skin and irritation. It's not understood how, however, studies have shown that taking on a vegetarian diet has had positive effects on these symptoms.


Improves Skin Quality

hair, person, clothing, woman, beauty, As if we don't all want gorgeous glowing skin, those who follow a vegetarian diet have it! Fruits and vegetables are super healthy for your insides and outsides and can give you a healthy glow without makeup or sunless tanners. This glow also makes you more attractive to others which is great too for those looking to land a special someone.


Supports the Thyroid

food, dish, produce, plant, land plant, I suffer from hypothyroidism so I've looked into becoming vegetarian. While being vegan is even better for it, vegetarianism offers much better support to the thyroid than other diets. It actually fights off hypothyroidism and other health issues that contribute to it.


Therapeutic Support for RA

dish, meal, food, brunch, breakfast, Researchers have spent years trying to find a cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis, and in this quest diet was neglected until recent years. Studies show RA symptoms are drastically reduced for those who eat vegetarian or vegan diets. Those who eliminate gluten along with this diet change are said to almost completely eliminate the symptoms all together.

Would you consider vegetarianism? Are you? Any tips you can offer to those considering this lifestyle?

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Balance is importants

B12 only

I might try one week

What are the vitamins that a vegetarian needs ????

I've been vegetarian for 8 years and I got a vitamin test last year. All of the levels are above average. So if anyone says you won't get your vitamins, that's BS


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