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Science Confirms That Tumeric is as Effective as Drugs ...

By Jennifer

If you love a good curry - and who doesn't? - chances are, you're already a big fan of tumeric, but did you know indulging in your favorite Indian food might actually make you healthier? It's true! Tumeric can replace the drugs many of us use to treat all sorts of common ailments. Want to find out more? Let's have a look.

1 It's an anti-septic

Make a thick paste of tumeric and water, and use it to treat minor cuts and burns.

2 Beat Breast Cancer

Research has shown that tumeric can prevent the spread of breast cancer to the lungs in mice. They've yet to test this on humans, but even the possibility is exciting.


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3 Tumeric + Cauliflower

This is amazing: eating tumeric and cauliflower together has been shown to stop the growth of existing prostate cancer, and to prevent new prostate cancer from forming.

4 Melanoma

Tumeric may also prevent melanoma, and it might kill existing melanoma cells, too.

5 Leukemia

Did you know tumeric might protect children from developing leukemia? That's spectacular!

6 Detox, Baby!

Tumeric is an excellent detoxifying agent, helping cleanse your liver of all sorts of nastiness.

7 Alzheimer's Disease

This disease is caused by amyloyd plaque buildup in the brain, and tumeric may prevent that buildup, protecting you from Alzheimer's and slowing its progression.

8 Anti-Inflammatory

If you suffer from painful inflammation, you may be able to replace your meds with tumeric, which also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

9 MS in Mice

In studies with mice, tumeric has shown promise in treating and multiple sclerosis.

These are just a few of the ways tumeric can be used to replace or supplement drugs we use to treat everyday ailments, and even to possibly prevent or cure cancer... so amazing! What other good things have you heard about the spice?

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