7 Best Brands of Vegan Supplements on the Market ...

By Heather

If you’re a plant-based eater, you likely know the importance of making sure you get certain vegan supplements such as Vitamin B12 and iron. There are some pretty fantastic brands of vegan supplements to help you cover your bases and provide you with key nutrients you'd usually get from animal foods. Opt for some of these brands and you’ll be rest assured they’re cruelty-free and come from real foods (not synthetic like other typical supplement brands.)

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Deva is one of the most popular brands of vegan supplements you’ll find on the market today. Deva is fair-priced, has a large variety of supplements to choose from, and are 100% certified vegan and non-GMO. Check out Deva’s wide range of supplements at: devanutrition.com.



Sunwarrior is a rock star brand in the health and fitness world and their latest product addition includes a whole foods multivitamin for both men and women. Though a bit pricier than others, it’s a great choice if you want a certified non-GMO, organic, raw, whole foods multi that will cover all your bases. Visit sunwarrior.com.


Garden of Life

The most popular brand of all vegan supplements on the market today is Garden of Life and it’s no wonder. This brand delivers on every single level you could ask for and has been a top favorite of mine for years. Their products deliver whole foods, raw nutrients and specifically high levels of Vitamin B12 from whole food sources. Vitamin B12 is critical on any diet, vegan or not, so this is an extra selling factor I love. Their newest line of Kind Organics vitamins and supplements was designed by vegan author Alicia Silverstone. Kind Organics supplements contain no GMO’s, synthetics, and are 100% certified organic and vegan. Learn more at: gardenoflife.com.



Sequel Naturas, the company that owns the brand Vega, is a leading producer in the vegan supplement world. Vega One, a meal replacement product, isn’t just 100% vegan and gluten-free, but it’s also soy-free and contains no added sugar unlike other meal replacements on the market. Vega One contains 50% of all your daily vitamin needs so two servings a day would give you exactly what you need, all in two delicious smoothies or shakes! Vega also makes protein and sport supplements for those of you with a more active lifestyle. Learn more at: myvega.com.


Country Life

Though this brand is not fully vegan, they do offer a huge line of certified vegan and vegetarian supplements that are usually also free of gluten, soy, nuts, yeast, sugar, milk, preservatives, etc. I appreciate the honesty of this company and that they take extra steps to ensure maximum potency and purity. All of Country Life’s supplements are created from raw materials, not synthetic sources. Find out more at: countrylifevitamins.com.

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Now Foods

Now Foods is another great brand to choose if you want maximum quality and label honesty. Their products are not 100% vegan, yet they too offer a number of products that are vegan. You’ll find these through looking for supplements made from “Vcaps” which ensure they contain no animal products. I highly recommend their Special Two multivitamin (choose the option with Vcaps) and love that it has added superfoods. Now Foods brand is also usually free of common allergens and very well-priced. Visit Now Foods and see what options they have to offer at: nowfoods.com.


Rainbow Light

Rainbow Light is another fabulous option for plant-based eaters who want full nutritional support. They offer a number of vegan supplements that are certified vegan through the Vegan Guard seal. Their Women's Multivitamin made from whole foods is one of my favorite options, along with their digestive enzymes and probiotics. Learn more at: rainbowlight.com.

All of these brands are great options to choose whether you’re on a budget, exploring a plant-based lifestyle, looking for nutritional support, or just looking for the best options possible. Do you take any of the brands of vegan supplements?

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Excellent article, since I'm always trying to learn about nutrition, and all I find is promotions or propaganda paid by the interested part. Thanks!!