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Best Foods to Eat during Your Period to Fight Cramps ...

By Tricia

Keep reading to learn about the best foods to eat during your period.

Ok ladies, we all go through the pains of being a woman every month. Some of us more than others. From tender breasts, to stabbing back pain, to awful cramping, some of us are in so much pain, we miss out on life. Medicines can only do so much for fear of overdosing. The monthly visit can be a dark time but there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are foods out there that do help ease painful periods and even help keep you away from over-the-counter medications. Try to stick to natural foods which are the best foods to eat during your period:

1 Sesame Seeds

snack, commodity, finger food,Sesame seeds are one of the best foods to eat during your period because they are full of calcium and can help with back pain.

2 Celery

vegetable, produce, leaf vegetable, flowerpot, food,Celery is known as the "thinner" vegetable. It helps those who have edema, so it will help with bloating and water retention.

3 Parsley

plant, herb, flowerpot,If you have issues starting your period, parsley can actually help start it. For those in pain, parsley is full of vitamin C and helps with muscle relaxation and cramping. It is also sold in tea form.

4 Dark Chocolate

chocolate bar, font,Make sure it is 70% dark cocoa. Not just any chocolate will do. The darker the better. It will help your muscles relax.

5 Tea

artificial flower, font,Green tea (matcha) is one of the best teas to drink during a painful period to soothe cramps. Drink decaf green matcha tea, as caffeine worsens cramping during that time of the month.

6 Water

shoulder, headgear, summer, girl, shorts,Drink lots of water during this time of month so your body can make new blood cells and help keep you from cramping and bloating.

7 Hummus

dish, appetizer, food, vegetarian food, side dish,Hummus is full of nutrients that can actually help you get a good night's sleep and help uplift your mood.


galangal, root vegetable, ingredient, tuber, medicinal mushroom,Ginger is a big one and one of my favorites. Not only is ginger good for colds, it is excellent for fighting inflammation. This is my go to when I am having a hard time with Aunt Flo. It helps with cramping and the horrendous back pain.

9 Cherries

fruit, cherry, berry, produce, natural foods,Cherries are full of vitamin C. If you eat a few at night, you will be able to get a good night's sleep as well.

Just as there are best foods to eat during your menstrual cycle there are also bad foods to eat that actually make cramping, back pain, and PMS worse. Stay away from these foods:

10 Dairy

mason jar, dairy product, tableware, smoothie, milkshake,Dairy will make you even more bloated than you already are and cause more cramping and aching.

11 Caffeine

footwear, shoe, hand, arm, finger,Caffeine is known to cause anxiety and higher levels of tension. The more tension you have, the more pain you will experience. Remember, the idea is to get you to relax.

12 Red Meat

meat, kobe beef, red meat, steak, beef,Red meat will cause more cramping and even an upset stomach and bloating.

13 Sugar

doughnut, cider doughnut, glaze, bagel, baked goods,Too much sugar is known to trigger cramping. Even if you're not on your period it can cause other muscle cramps.

That time of the month is a pain in the ass. So please if you can, do the DO's and stay away from the DON'Ts so you can have some semblance of a life during this time.

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