7 Best Health Websites That Are Great Resources for Learning ...


7 Best Health Websites That Are Great Resources for Learning ...
7 Best Health Websites That Are Great Resources for Learning ...

Since I consider health to be one of the most important things a person can learn about, I am often looking for the best health websites. I have found that there are a few that provide excellent and comprehensive information about a variety of health topics. There are many websites about health, but not all of them are reliable. When you are trying to learn about the best things to do for your health, you need to visit the best health websites. The following are websites I trust and return to time and time again when I am researching health topics. I hope you will take some time to visit them, as you can truly learn a lot.

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Medline plus


A website run by the National Institute of Health, Medline Plus is an excellent resource for a variety of information. The health topics on this website cover information about body systems, diseases, diagnostic tests, and treatments. It even has a link that discusses food and nutrition. One of my favorite aspects of this website is the drug and supplement database, where you can search for and learn about many prescription medications and supplements. However, if you are more into anatomy, you might prefer the anatomy videos, surgery videos, and interactive tutorials. As you can see this is a very comprehensive website, and is one of the best health websites you can visit.


University of Maryland Medical Center


The University of Maryland Medical Center’s website has many resources, but my favorite has to be the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guide. In this database, you will find a wealth of information about herbal supplements, vitamins, and minerals. There is an in depth article about each supplement that provides information about what ailments it helps and what medications it interacts with. You will even find herbs used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Aside from this database, the website also has a drug interaction tool that is really useful if you or a loved one takes more than one medication. In addition to all of this information, you will also find a medical encyclopedia, a Spanish medical encyclopedia, and in-depth patient education reports about diseases.


Nutrition Facts


Nutrition Facts is by far one of the best nutrition websites I have come across. I should mention that it focuses on plant based diets, but there is so much information about nutrients and antioxidants that even if you do eat meat you will find things that apply to you. It is run by Dr. Michael Gregor who makes video segments about a wide range of topics. He uses medical research journals for the articles and presents the finding in a way that is easily understandable. There is also a blog; although, the video segments are the best aspect of the website. There are over 1,500 health topics you can learn about, so you will definitely find something to interest you.


Johns Hopkins


Johns Hopkins Medical Center is a $6.7 billion dollar institute that unites physicians and scientists. It is a research and teaching oriented hospital, and as such there is a wealth of information at Johns Hopkins. The website reflects that wealth of information as it has a database for health conditions and prevention guidelines. It even has a link for nutrition information for food. While not as comprehensive as some of the other websites, the Johns Hopkins website does provide excellent information.


Harvard Health Publications


The Harvard Health website has a variety of newsletters and publications that cover many different health topics, including women’s issues, exercise, cardiovascular health, and many others. The health reports do cost money, but they are very good and go very in depth. If you are not interested in spending any money, you can also go to the blog to find more information that is free. One of my favorite things about this website is there is not an overemphasis on prescription medication and aggressive treatments. It extensively discusses lifestyle changes that can help conditions extensively.


Kid’s Health


Kid’s Health is a great resource for parents, teens, and children. It has web pages that are specific to all three groups, with lots of age specific information. The topics for children are age appropriate and very easy to understand, making this website a great learning tool for health topics. Kids can learn about things such as illnesses, feelings, staying healthy, and how the body works. There are even fun games and quizzes! The information for teens is more mature, but still age appropriate and helps teens understand health topics like reproductive health and sex that they may not be comfortable talking to their parents about. Although this website is called Kid’s Health, there is something available for all age groups.


American Council on Exercise


Since physical fitness is an important aspect of health, I thought I should include a great website for physical fitness. The American Council on Exercise website is a very useful tool for physical fitness. It has research studies about physical health and an “Ask an Expert” section. It also has exercises for target areas, product reviews, and information on family fitness. You can even read about how exercise affects health conditions like diabetes. I highly recommend visiting this website if you are looking for information about physical fitness.

Often, when I need to something about a health topic, I turn to the Internet, however, I am careful to only use reliable sources when I am searching for information. All of these websites offer plenty of information about a wide range of health topics and are very reliable. Do you visit any of these websites when you need to know something about health?

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