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7 Awkward Questions to Ask Your Doctor without Hesitating ...

By Gillian

We all know going to the doctors can be nerve wracking, but read this list of awkward questions to ask your doctor and go prepared. There are things we need to know, so why are we so shy to ask? We need to get over our fears and embarrassment and ask those awkward questions. Here are awkward questions to ask your doctor.

1 Why Does It Hurt when I Have Sex?

This is one of those awkward questions to ask your doctor as this is something you want to fix ASAP! This problem can affect 15% of women at some point in their life. Women often think this problem is "normal" or something they should bear when we don't have too. Your doctor can help you find a treatment plan that is right for you.

2 Why Does My Lady Bits Itch?

This can be a very awkward question when talking to anyone, let alone your doctor. If you are having trouble with this, you’re not alone! This is a common symptom related to yeast infections, UIT and some STI’s. You can try RepHresh Pro-B, which is clinically shown to work with your body to balance yeast and bacteria.

3 How Close to Having Kids Should I Stop Taking the Pill?

This is a sticky question, as some believe women shouldn’t use the pill at all and that it will affect their fertility. There are a lot of questions that will go around this question as well, like “when do you plan to have kids?” and “how long have you been on the pill for?” Be prepared to answer any tough questions.

4 Is It Normal to Have Pain during My Period?

We have all experience things like nausea and killer cramps for days when we are on our period, but some experience it worse than others. An estimated 10 million US women and girls do not get relief from taking some ibuprofen and they experience horrible periods. This is very important to talk to your doctor about, as this could be something more serious.

5 Condoms Making You Itchy?

This is a very very common question amongst most women as we can be allergic to latex. Women should try a polyurethane condom instead, although they can be difficult to find. Try and do some research as to where you can purchase these and give them a shot. It could change your sex life!

6 Is It Normal to Have Not Experienced an Orgasm?

Yes, this is normal! Don’t feel ashamed to ask your doctor this or even have a sit down with your partner. 80% of women have faked or lied about having an orgasm when on average it takes anywhere from 7 to 20 minutes for a women to hit the high. If you experience this, talk to your doctor to see if there is a physical block or just lack of education or experience.

7 Why is My Period so Heavy?

If you experience a heavy period, birth control pills can help lighten the period and help with the cramping. If you don’t want to go on the pill, try using Midol to help soften the cramps. If you have tried both and cannot see to find something that works, don’t be shy to ask your doctor. There could be something more to this and should be looked after right away.

All of the above are questions that my friends have asked me or I have heard people are too shy to talk about. But why are we? What are some questions you are too shy to ask?

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