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5 Best Teas to Drink during Your Period ...

By Glenys

When you think about the hell of period pain, the first few things that come to mind for relief are medication, a hot water bottle, and maybe a little bit of chocolate for some comfort eating. All of these are tried and tested methods for that stressful time of the month, but something that is also worth a mention is tea! It’s been used in various ways in ancient and holistic medicine for thousands of years, so it’s worth a try! Here are five of the best teas to drink during your period.

1 Peppermint Tea

The secret of peppermint tea and the positive effect that it can have on your body during your period is menthol. Your cramps are caused by your muscles spasming and contracting to expel the menstrual fluids, and drinking a cup of peppermint tea two to three times a day can help fight the spasms, along with encouraging your stress and fatigue levels to improve.

2 Cinnamon Tea

It’s not a taste that everyone enjoys, but if you like cinnamon tea, than it can be perfect for your period. It has similar antispasmodic properties to peppermint tea, along with the added bonus of also being anti-inflammatory, therefore able to reduce pain. You can add milk or honey to sweeten the taste if you need to.


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3 Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Did you know that this has been known as the ‘woman’s herb’ throughout history? Red raspberry leaf tea is believed to be effective at cleansing your blood of excess hormones that cause you to be moody and emotional when on your period. A cup or two of this per day during your time of the month, or even the week leading up to it, can help you to stay relaxed and on an even keel.

4 Fennel Tea

Another rather old fashioned type of herbal tea, fennel is another ingredient that can help to relieve the classic symptoms of PMS. It contains phytoestrogen, which is also known as dietary estrogen, which works to regulate your hormone imbalances and make you a much happier lady!

5 Ginger Tea

It’s a seriously strong flavour and an acquired taste, but ginger tea has lots of great benefits. You will be well aware of that feeling of unsettled stomach that your periods brings along with it, and ginger can be very helpful in calming your stomach down and helping you feel less bloated and irregular with your bowel movement during your menstrual week.

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