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9 Detox Lifestyle Principles to Add to Your Life Today ...

By Heather

When we hear the word detox, negative connotations often rise in our minds like juice cleanses or something of that nature, but certain detox lifestyle principles are actually important to our daily lives. Don’t worry, they have nothing to do with buying a juicer or oil pulling, though you can do those if you really want to. Certain detox lifestyle principles can help us center ourselves, relieve stress and eat more in tune with our bodies. Try incorporating some of my favorite detox lifestyle principles into your day tomorrow. I bet you’ll feel like a new person at the end of the day.

1 Rise Early

One of my favorite detox lifestyle principles is to rise earlier. Naturally, you need to make sure you have a good night’s rest first, so go to bed early! Rising early exposes you to more sunlight, the best form of Vitamin D your body can consume. This naturally detoxes your body, and helps you feel more positive. Vitamin D is important for the immune system and our sense of well being. It also increases calcium in our bodies and can help each of us be more positive throughout the day, resulting in less stress.

2 Eat in Tune with Your Body

Stop eating against your body, and start eating in tune with it. For instance, eat when your body naturally gets hungry, and stop when you start to feel full. Listening to your body’s signals is one of the key detox principles to put into your life, and can help you from overeating, eating mindlessly and not eating enough for your metabolism.

3 Eat Alkaline

Eating alkaline is all about reducing acidic foods in your diet. The most acidic foods include alcohol, gluten and refined grains or any other refined foods, fast food, artificial sweeteners, any form of sugar and animal proteins. It doesn’t mean you can’t eat these foods ever, but try to eat less of them to balance your pH, which helps alkalize your blood. The pH factor of your blood determines inflammation levels in your body, and the more plant-based you eat, the more alkaline you’ll be. Also avoid too much coffee if you have any at all, and try to consume more water based vegetables.

4 Add Lemon

Lemon water is a popular “detox remedy” right now, and with good reason. Adding lemon water to your day can actually help alkalize your body. Lemon is rich in pH balancing properties, and though it is acidic, it’s an excellent cleansing remedy to try. Adding a squirt of lemon juice to your foods, water, tea, etc. can help neutralize acids from your foods and clear toxins from the body. It’s also rich in Vitamin C, which will help keep your immunity in good shape.

5 Eat Your Greens

Detoxing in all forms usually involves eating more greens. Try adding more greens to your diet, even if you don’t go all raw. Steamed greens can actually be much healthier for the body in some forms than raw greens, and both are an important part of a healthy diet. Have a green smoothie, salad at lunch and steamed greens at dinner to get your daily quota. All fruits and veggies are excellent for you, however, and all count towards your healthy detox lifestyle.

6 Go to Bed Early

Since you’re rising early, you need to be sure to go to bed early so you can get enough rest. This allows your body’s hormones to work at optimal levels, and will prevent your metabolism from slowing the next day. It also allows your body to rest and rejuvenate to relieve stress and tension, which is essential to detoxing your mind and body.

7 Movement

To detox your life, you have to move! Not moving during the day, or not getting enough movement, can cause your lymph fluids to become stagnant, which essentially makes you feel stiff, achy, clogged and even bloated. Moving more helps move lymph along and also helps your digestive system work more properly, which is key to detoxing.

8 Eliminate Daily

I hate to be blunt, but your bowels are essential for a healthy detox. You don’t need an enema, laxative or funky pills to help your digestive system work at optimal peak. The best way to ease your way into more regularity is to eat soluble fiber, which is soft on your system, and less harsh than insoluble fibers. Soluble fibers are found in oats, chia, pumpkin, avocado, some fruits like bananas and all root vegetables. Of course, it’s fine to eat insoluble fibers from nuts, berries, seeds, some grains and other veggies, but try to incorporate a nice balance of both. You should be eliminating daily to remove toxins from your body through your bowels. Plenty of water based liquids will also help immensely.

9 Less Electronics

You can’t detox your life if you’re constantly on your phone, computer and television. Certain radioactive waves are actually toxic to your body, and all are emitted through electronic devices. Eliminate as much television, computer and smartphone time as you possibly can. Fresh air, reading a book, taking a walk and other non-electronic activities are the best ways to detox your life and reduce excess stress.

I am sure some of these detox lifestyle tips might seem tough, but I hope you’ll give them some consideration. Next time you hear the word detox, don’t be so quick to judge. Try incorporating more of these into your day to see improvements in your life in no time. Do you practice any of these lifestyle tips in your life?

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