7 Essential Oils That Make Life Easier ...

When life just doesn’t seem as though it is going to give you a break any time soon, essential oils can easily come to your rescue. Feeling stressed, being unable to sleep, and consistently worrying, are all occurrences that can come to a standstill if you apply the right essential oils correctly. You can add them to your bath water, sprinkle them on your pillow, or even create your own perfumes. The following oils are easy to get hold of and highly effective at making life easier.

1. Lavender for Relaxation

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Okay, so lavender is one of those essential oils that is super easy to grow. I have a flourishing bush in my back garden, which is pretty astonishing when you consider that the UK isn’t exactly warm. According to the University of Maryland, lavender directly promotes relaxation. Fortunately, you don’t have to grow your own to make the most of it. Not only is it available in essential oil form, you can find it in perfumes, body sprays, and bubble baths.

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