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10 Facts about Hygiene That May Surprise You ...

By A.J.

Most facts about hygiene we’re taught as children and later in life may seem pretty intuitive overall. But researchers are constantly on the lookout for where the next deadly or dangerous germs might spring from. And so, enlightening new facts about hygiene are constantly surfacing, leaving us wondering how some of our habits or environments haven’t already killed us.

1 Does Antibacterial Soap Work?

Probably one of the most shocking facts about hygiene has to do with antibacterial soap. According to recent findings, it’s not only just as effective as regular soap, but a substance it contains called triclosan may also cause hormonal imbalances.

2 The Human Body: Home of the Microbes

Scientists have confirmed that the human body houses more than 1000 different species of germs and bacteria. In fact, there are more individual germs on your body right now than there are people living in the entire United States.

3 Medieval Hygiene

Ever wondered how often people used to bathe in medieval times? The order given by medieval king of England, Henry IV should be a clear indication, when he instructed his knights to bathe at least once in their life.

4 No 5-Second Rule

One of the facts about hygiene you really have to pay attention to is that there is no 5-second rule. Studies have shown that, when it comes to food dropped on the floor, 99% of all germs jump onboard almost instantly.

5 You Might as Well Poop in the Kitchen

Well, no, please don't - but still, check this out. Although you may believe that the toilet is the dirtiest place in your home, you might want to know that the kitchen sink alone has about 100,000 times more germs than your whole bathroom.

6 Brushing Teeth – a Common Habit?

The first toothbrush was invented as early as the 15th century however, not many people know the fact that brushing teeth regularly only became a real life trend in America during the 2nd World War, when it was enforced on US soldiers.

7 Personal Hygiene and Catering

A 2004 survey published in Food Service Technology looking into the hygiene habits of catering workers showed that 53% don’t wash their hands before helping to prepare a meal. What's even more worrying is that 40% of them don’t even do it after going to the bathroom. So, girls, anyone tempted to order in tonight?

8 Never Forget Your Belly Button

Biologist Rob Dunn and his team have found over 2,300 species of bacteria leading a happy, peaceful life in belly buttons (and they only tested 60 people!). Oh, and out of these, around 1500 may actually be new to science! I bet you won't forget to scrub your belly button next time you shower.

9 Air Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

Paper towels are actually considered the safest way to dry your hands after washing them. Warm hand dryers are less efficient, take up 60% more time, and use up a lot of energy. Hand dryers most often leave your hands still wet (who has time to stand there forever to get their hands dry?), making them bacteria magnets.

10 The Magical World of Dust and Carpets

If your home has carpets, you can expect them to have 10 times as much dust as your average floor boards. If that isn’t enough, you might also want to know that carpets are like a miniature world filled with food debris, skin cells, insects and dirt.

Although some of these facts might be startling, remember that your body can still withstand a lot of germs - and does so every day. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to change some habits and use some of this knowledge to prevent infections. Which of these facts about hygiene shocked you the most?


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