7 Facts about Your Metabolism ...


7 Facts about Your Metabolism ...
7 Facts about Your Metabolism ...

Are you looking for facts about metabolism? Many of us are. Fortunately you can rest assured you have come to the right spot. Below you will find 7 helpful facts about metabolism. These facts will give you a better understanding of what metabolism is and how you can help boost it. A boosted metabolism will help you burn more calories every day. Who doesn’t want that?

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Explain It Please!

We hear so much about metabolism. We read about how to boost our metabolism, or things that are slowing down our metabolism, but we don’t always get a clear picture on what metabolism is. That’s why this is my first fact, because it's one of the most important facts about metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which you burn the calories you consume. If you have a slow metabolism, you don’t burn calories very fast. Many things affect metabolism and that is what we are going to discover more about.



If you want to increase your metabolism, then try to move more. Even the slight movement in fidgeting is said to increase metabolism. Why? Because the movement burns energy and makes your body think it has even more energy to burn. In turn, it boosts metabolism to help settle that excess energy. Of course fidgeting isn’t enough. You also need to commit yourself to regular daily exercise to see the real benefits of an increased metabolism.


Body Temperature

Here is an interesting fact about metabolism. Experts agree that an increase in body temperature increases your metabolism. Hypothetically, you could increase your metabolism by adding a few layers of clothes and turning up the heat. This is another fact about metabolism that explains why exercise is so important. When you work out, you raise your body’s temperature and as we now know, that raised temperature has a positive effect on our metabolic rate.



Looking for more ways to increase metabolism? Try protein. Eating lean meats and other sources of protein over carbohydrates will definitely boost your metabolism. This is part of the science behind the success of low carb diets. What do you think about this metabolism fact? Are you going to test it out? I would start by snacking on protein sources instead of carbohydrates and slowly move towards changing the rest of your diet.



When you sleep, your metabolism drops. Yet, adequate sleep is very important to maintaining a regulated metabolic rate. Because your metabolism drops so much while you sleep, it is important to do things during the day to increase your metabolic rate.

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Going for as little as 12 hours without food can decrease your metabolism by 40%. That is why it is so important to start each day off with a healthy breakfast. The longer you go without eating the more your metabolism pays. Does this make you change your mind about eating breakfast?


Control Your Metabolism

This final fact about metabolism gives you a few key things to do every day to help control your metabolism. First we all need to exercise, eat frequently and healthy, and stay hydrated. Work on these things and you are sure to see an improvement in your metabolism.

Did you find these facts about metabolism helpful? Did some of them surprise you? If you know any other facts about metabolism please share them with us.

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