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When you're feeling stressed, there are plenty of ways to calm yourself down. One of the simplest cures is to look at some relaxing images that'll make your worries drift away. Of course, there's only one thing better than looking at images, and that's looking at moving images, so here are some of the most relaxing GIFs that are sure to calm you down:

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Waterfall Wonders

habitat,natural environment,atmospheric phenomenon,ecosystem,forest, Even though this GIF is a drawing and not an actual picture, it's just as relaxing as looking at a real waterfall would be. If you love nature, but aren't in the mood to go outdoors, GIFs like this are all you need to calm yourself down.


Pretty Kitty

cartoon,logo,font,illustration,fictional character, It's impossible to stop yourself from smiling when you look at this pretty kitty. I mean, look how adorable he is! Bop your head along with him and you'll be in a better mood in no time.


Special Snowfall

phenomenon,weather,atmosphere,midnight,snow, Maybe you've never seen snow, or maybe you're sick of it and wish the Winter would end already. Either way, you can't deny the beauty of this GIF. Nature is just plain amazing.


Addictive Drawing

white,floor,flooring,material,drawing, Something as simple as following the stroke of this paintbrush can relax you. Why? Because it's such a gentle, beautiful movement.


Perfect Palms

tree,morning,arecales,sunlight,wind, If there's nothing special outside of your window, you can stare at this GIF instead. Pay attention to the movement of the trees and the drifting of the clouds.


Rainy Day

green,leaf,window,texture,reflection, There's something relaxing about rain. The only thing better than watching it fall is sitting next to a kitty during the experience.


Coffee Cup

man made object,cup,coffee cup,drink,caffeine, Even if you can't stand the smell or taste of coffee, you should enjoy this GIF. The steam rising from the cup could hold your attention all day.


Rushing River

habitat,natural environment,ecosystem,grass,river, Whether water is falling from the sky or rushing down a river, it's mesmerizing. If you've never considered yourself an outdoorsy person before this, that'll change soon.


Soaring through Skies

sky,cloud,atmospheric phenomenon,atmosphere,weather, This GIF should help you see how small your problems are in the grand scheme of life. The world is too beautiful to stress about the little things.


Perfect Pool

property,home,estate,swimming pool,resort, There's so much to focus on in this picture. You can look at the water, the land, or the mountains in the background. It's all equally beautiful.


Sleepy Kittens

cat,mammal,vertebrate,nose,whiskers, Every creature looks beautiful while sleeping. If you don't have a pet to cuddle with, spend some time admiring this GIF.


Beneath the Bridge

tunnel,light,darkness,infrastructure, You probably wouldn't want to be stuck in this storm, but it's pretty to look at. If nothing else, it'll help you appreciate the fact that you're warm, cozy, and dry.


City Snow

black and white,weather,monochrome photography,monochrome, Here's some more snow for you. This angle captures the beauty of a Winter night in the city.


Can't Get Enough Coffee

cup,coffee cup,drink,morning,saucer, Here's another cup of coffee to keep you relaxed. If you need to, go grab a cup of your own. It'll create maximum relaxation.


Wondrous Waves

green,wave,wind wave,ocean,wind, This GIF will have you staring all day, because waves are about as amazing as it gets. Nature will just keep surprising you with its beauty.

These GIFs should help you calm down, and help you realize how much beauty is in the world. What do you typically do in order to de-stress?

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Love these! Wish I could make one my iPad screensaver!

This is sooo cool xxx

I wish I could save these to my camera roll

Lovely relaxing,especially the sleeping cat with his tummy moving in and out! Oh dear though! Number five reminded me of that dreadful tropical storm just past couple days in the Pacific? Those violent swaying palms and the sea in that wind!

Too Zen! Awesome.. 🙏

Love these! So relaxing 😌

True tranquilizers.

Love #3. It reminds me of back home in Alaska :)

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