10 Frugal Ways to Manage Allergies ...

By Neecey

10 Frugal Ways to Manage Allergies ...

If we have allergies, it is so tempting to load our shopping cart with drugstore remedies – which let’s face it, if we use proprietary medicines and drugs as ways to manage allergies, it isn't ever going to be cheap. Others choose natural ways to manage allergies but buying complementary medicine products or special food items, is also expensive. There are however, some simple things you can do at home that will reduce your susceptibility to whatever it is that causes your allergic reaction. Here are some frugal ways to manage allergies.

Table of contents:

  1. wash more regularly
  2. wash pet bedding
  3. wash those hands
  4. keep the windows shut
  5. allergy resistant bed linen
  6. add wheat germ to pet food
  7. clean the air
  8. clean the mattress
  9. clean the carpets
  10. shoes off please

1 Wash More Regularly

Pollen can easily cling to clothing, skin and hair and can irritate your allergies – commonly known as Hay Fever. One way to manage allergies and minimize the risk of long term exposure to the pollen on clothes and skin is to shower more regularly during times of high pollen and wash clothing that may have hidden pollen in the fabric.

2 Wash Pet Bedding

Allergies can be so bothersome and you don’t always want to resort to medication to keep symptoms at bay. When it comes to ways to manage allergies, there are some things you can do to minimize the risk of a flare up. If you have a mild pet allergy, make sure to wash your pet's bedding regularly and make sure that you maintain good hygiene for your pet by shampooing them regularly.

3 Wash Those Hands

If you have a mild pet allergy, one frugal way to manage allergies and prevent symptoms from worsening is to simply wash your hands regularly, especially after touching your pet. This should mean that the dander from your pet that you are allergic to will be minimized and won't aggravate your allergies quite as much.

4 Keep the Windows Shut

There are several frugal ways to manage allergies and if you have a pollen allergy it is best to keep windows shut in your home and use air conditioning where applicable. If you use air conditioning, it is essential to ensure that the filter is cleared regularly so the pollen does not re-enter your home.

5 Allergy Resistant Bed Linen

There are many allergen reducing bed linens, pillows and mattresses available that can help as one of the ways to manage allergies. They are more costly than standard products, but they are a one time-investment, unlike drugs which are continuous expense.

6 Add Wheat Germ to Pet Food

It is reported that adding wheat germ to your pet’s food can reduce the level of dander that your pet sheds. Since this is the matter that produces the allergic reaction, reducing it can reduce your symptoms.

7 Clean the Air

Invest in an air purifier that filters allergens and consider the purchase of a vacuum cleaner with an allergen filter to ensure that dust is kept to a bare minimum in your home. There are many air purifiers on the market for every budget and some vacuum cleaners can easily be fitted with allergen filters so cost can be kept to a minimum. Use this in conjunction with other ways to reduce the potential for allergies to make a healthier home.

8 Clean the Mattress

Vacuum your mattress on a regular basis. If you have dust allergies you may find that vacuuming the mattress makes a huge difference to your symptoms. Always make sure that bed linen is washed frequently to help rid them of dust and leave you sniffle free.

9 Clean the Carpets

So much of managing allergies is about cleanliness and dust management. If it is feasible to clean your carpets regularly, then do so to prevent allergens building up in the fibers. If possible, replace carpets that cannot easily be washed or cleaned with wipe clean flooring or tiling. This way you can easily remove dirt, grime and particles with a mop or cloth so this could reduce your symptoms.

10 Shoes off Please

Ensure that you take off your shoes at the front door of your house. This way you are minimizing the amount of pollen and dust that your shoes accumulate being walked through your home. Also, where possible, clean shoes on a frequent basis to remove particles of dust, animal hair or pollen that could make allergies flare up. Many people do not realize how much matter is on their shoes and walking around the house in them can spread pollen, dust and other allergens around, worsening symptoms.

Those are just some simple and frugal ways to manage allergies – just the most common ones of reacting to pets, pollen and dust. Try them – you might well find you won’t need those drugs every hay fever season after all.

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