7 Fun Outdoor Activities to Try This Winter ...

It's winter, and in most places across the U.S., that means snow and ice and cold... and Outdoor Activities! There are so many fun outdoor activities to try this winter, I hardly know where to start! But I'll try. Here are 7 fun outdoor activities to try this winter... grab your gloves and scarf and bundle up and let's go!

1. Ice Skating

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This is such a romantic date idea, one of my favorite winter-time outdoor activities. Most communities and schools have outdoor or indoor arenas, though I really prefer the outdoor ones. Rent skates if you don't own them, put on your favorite soft hat and scarf, ask your sweetie, and ice skate.

2. Skiing

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This is an outdoor activity for someone who's at least a little athletic... not me! But imagine getting bundled up, cute ski boots and a sweater and leggings, taking ski lessons, then drinking cocoa with your ski instructor after...

3. Snow-boarding

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I'm not Shawn White, but I really love snowboarding. In fact, I'm remarkably clumsy, and I still love snow-boarding. Take a few lessons and slide down the bunny slope. Fun!

4. Jogging... Why Not?

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I'm a sprinter, not a marathoner, mostly because I get over-heated too fast. But not in winter! This is an outdoor activity you can do year-round, but I love to dress in layers, grab my iPod, and go for a run or jog.

5. Ice Sculpting

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Here in southeast Michigan, we have an annual event called the Plymouth Ice Show. It's three days of beautiful ice sculptures and fun outdoor activities related to the show. Chances are, there’s something similar near where you live... what fun!

6. Maple Syrup, Anyone?

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This is something to do early in the winter, or during a mild winter. Find a local maple syrup farm, and much like picking your own apples in the fall or berries in the summer, you can actually get your own maple syrup, straight from the tree. Yum!

7. Snowball Fight!

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This is one of my all-time favorite winter-time outdoor activities β€” snowball fight! If you're more of a pacifist, of course, you can just build a snowman and make snow angels, or negotiate a cease-fire in the snowball fight you're not involved in.

There are so very many fun outdoor activities to try this winter, don't you think? I sure do, and now I can't wait for more snow! Which of these winter-time outdoor activities do you look forward to most? What other outdoor activities do you plan to do all winter long? Please share!

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