7 Fun Ways to Stay Warm This Winter ...


7 Fun Ways to Stay Warm This Winter ...
7 Fun Ways to Stay Warm This Winter ...

The best part about the winter is all the fun ways to stay warm in the freezing cold. Personally, I love it when it’s bone chillingly cold outside and I’m snug as a bug. It’s even better when the whole family is together and we’re all happily warm. Who says the only way to stay warm is to reset the temperature of the thermostat? Read on to know some fun ways to stay warm this winter and make the most of the cold months.

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Build a Fire

There is a special kind of cheer that a real fire brings. This winter try building your own bonfire from scratch instead of clicking the electric fire on. One of the fun ways to stay warm, building a fire can be a family activity and you’ll find that gathering around a bonfire has a different sort of charm. Don’t forget to get the peanuts, marshmallows and chocolate to eat by your fire!


Cook up a Storm

The nicest time to be in the kitchen and cooking up yummy treats is in the winter. Standing by a hot stove or near a warm oven feels so so good in the cold. I could spend hours baking just so that I’m warm (and smelling of vanilla) during the winter months. This is a fun way for the whole family to spend time together and you end up with a whole lot of delicious goodies to enjoy. It’s a win-win situation right?


Vintage Woolens

Bring out all your dorky sweaters for this one because vintage is the new black. Forget your high fashion cashmeres for a day and revel in the snowflake pattered sweater your granny knitted for you a decade and a half back. This is a guaranteed way to make the whole family roll about in laughter and you get to stay warm and snug in your woolens!



Why did we ever stop having pillow-fights as grown ups? Remember how much fun they can be? And they're such a super way to work up a sweat and get all warm in the cold! Honestly, pillow-fights should be made mandatory in the winters. So gather all your pillows and the family, set the rules of combat and get it on!



What’s a fun way to stay warm while having the time of your life? Dance of course. Clear out some space in your living room, get your favorite dance tracks on and choose a partner. Dancing the cold away is a sure shot way of keeping everyone (especially the kids happy) and you can be sure that dance-offs will become the favorite way to stay warm in the winter!


Fun Cocktails

Everyone knows alcohol keeps you warm. But why stick to boring old drinks this winter? Try your hand at mixing up some fun cocktails and enjoy some new, cheerful drinks with your friends and family. You get to be the most sought after person at parties and you get stay warm. Doesn’t get better than this right?


Snuggle under a Blanket

Some things never change and that includes the joy and happiness that comes with snuggling under a blanket. Cold winter days sometimes demand that you stay in bed under a heavy blanket, drinking hot beverages and watching reruns of your favorite TV show. You could even snuggle in with your kids under the same blanket and read their favorite book. Or you could get up to something naughty, you know!

The winter months can be quite a stretch if you’re constantly worrying about how to deal with the cold. And if you have children, you’ll know how important it is that they stay warm without being unhappy about it. With these fun ways to stay warm this winter, you’re armed with the recipe to happy winter afternoons for the whole family! Have more fun ways to stay warm that I haven’t listed here? Tell us about them!

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