6 Genius Ways to Increase Your Breast Size Quickly for Girls Unhapy with Their Bust ...


6 Genius Ways to Increase Your Breast Size Quickly for Girls Unhapy with Their Bust ...
6 Genius Ways to Increase Your Breast Size Quickly for Girls Unhapy with Their Bust ...

Alert!!! I have small breasts - really small compared to my friends. Even though I have made a vow to myself to always be comfortable in my own skin, this can be very hard, as I would like to have moderate breasts. Just like the majority of people who are reading this post right now, I am also sure many of us don't want to go through surgery or use harmful creams. The good thing is, there are many other ways to increase your breast size that won't later become a threat to your life. Read on if you want ideas.

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Push up Bras

I have a lot of push up bras, in fact have become so used to it, a lot of people might see this as being shady but I don't think there's anything wrong with a little packaging, there are certain clothes you might really love but you can't wear because it looks better on people with big breasts, i love clothes and I never want to have limitations when it comes to clothes especially because I have small breasts. Push up bras with extra padding increases breast size. I know how tempting buying extra padded bras is but it is really important that you buy something that is really comfortable and looks really natural, like if you are really thin, you don't want to go for something that's really big, otherwise you just really look fake.


Breast Contouring

How much do you know about breast contouring: if you don't know much, you should definitely watch tutorial videos because this is the way forward. We contour our faces all the time, but do you know we can also contour our chest and guess what it's easy and harmless. Warming! If you are going to be doing this process, please make sure you are not wearing white and also get dressed first, you can also protect with a tape. Of course what you are wearing has to be something very revealing, that would show a lot of cleavage.


Gain Weight

You can't obviously contour your breasts all the time, and push up bras can be very tiring, you would want to try something that would make your breasts real and permanent. Try to gain weight, you need to eat more calories, the reason your breasts are small might be because you are on diet, trying to maintain your weight and all but if you are trying to have a increase in breast size, you definitely want to eat more calories. You can eat foods that will increase you breast size such as foods with,


Raise Your Estrogen

You have probably heard a lot of people say if you want big breasts ingest a lot of estrogen. This is very important if you want big breasts, because it works. Soy products, dairy, flax seeds, spices, beans and peas, fruits are very rich in estrogen. Also fats such as: olives and olive oil, avocado, raw nuts, herring, sesame and sesame oil.


Use Herbs

Herbs can also help to increase your breast size. In fact it is a very good method as it not only helps to increase your breast size but also keeps you fresh and healthy. Herbs such as wild yam, fennel and fenugreek can be used to increase breast size, of course they don't taste good but if you are going to have a bigger breast then it's worth it.



You might have been doing these exercises before but since you want a bigger breast, you should definitely pay attention to ones that keep you fit and also give you an increase in breast size, if you haven't been doing these exercises, you might want to start right now. Do exercises such as wall push ups,elbow extensions, arm circles, isometric chest contractions, you can google many more exercises you can do to increase your breast size.

Drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. You shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable with any part of your body as long as it's something that fixable. You don't like it, fix it. The mental part might take a while if it has affected your life one way or the other but it would get better with time. Thank you for reading this article.

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