9 Healthy Habits to Adopt This New Year ...


9 Healthy Habits to Adopt This New Year ...
9 Healthy Habits to Adopt This New Year ...

The New Year is the best time to find out the top healthy habits to adopt for a fresh new you! Sometimes we set unrealistic and unachievable goals for the New Year because we have high expectations for ourselves. However, why not try simpler and healthier habits to adopt this year? Here are some of the best habits for this year!

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Exercise at Least 3 Times a Week

One of the most important healthy habits to adopt this New Year is to exercise during the week. I’m not saying to go every single day, relax! It absolutely will be life changing to hit the gym at least 3 times a week, though. Exercising not only helps you get into shape for the New Year but it also makes you feel great and refreshed.


Make a List of Things You’re Grateful for

The more you focus on things that you are grateful for, the more you will open yourself up to being happier and self confident this year. If you’re going through a rough time or you are still hung up on a rough 2018, write down a list of 10 things that you are thankful for, even if they didn’t actually happen yet. The Universe will rearrange things in your life and bring you what will be best for you this year.


Go on a Technology Detox

We are too focused on our phones, on constantly checking Twitter, stalking people on Facebook, and posting on Instagram more than we should. This New Year why don’t you try putting your phone down for a good hour a day? Take this time to get to know yourself better. Of course keeping up with emails and news is important, but your health and growth this year are much more important.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

How many times have we heard this before? It’s a lot easier said than done…I know that. I tend to sweat the small stuff far too often. Do you know what I have learned from always making a big deal about everything? I’ve learned that I shouldn’t make such a big to-do about always being perfect and having things be perfect around me all the time because it’s not worth it. This year, understand that if something doesn’t go exactly the way you had imagined it to unfold, you are going to be OK and things will work out exactly how they are supposed to.


Keep Your Room Clean

Keeping your room/house/apartment/dorm clean is definitely something you should adopt this year. It’s amazing how much more productive and accomplished you will feel when you take a few minutes to clean up your personal space. I make sure to do my bed every single day and dust my room every other day. Just doing these two things each week encourages me to stay focused while doing work in my room. Keeping my room clean also makes me feel a sense of accomplishment, which boosts my self-esteem!


Meditate Every Night

Life is too busy and rushed all the time. This year, take more time for YOU. Meditation is an amazing way to turn off all the noise. Even if you try meditating for 10 minutes before bed, you will begin to see how much happier and more relaxed you will feel. Meditation can be done either by sitting in silence, playing relaxing music, or listening to the sound of the ocean. Try not to think about anything. You may not notice the benefits of meditating right away, but it will certainly pay off.


Get a Good Night’s Rest

Sleeping well and meditating go hand in hand. Make sure that you are taking time for yourself, and taking the time to take care of your body by understanding that it needs rest and relaxation. If I don’t sleep at least 7 hours every night I feel sick. If you haven’t gotten much sleep due to a busy schedule or procrastination, make sure to re-prioritize your days this year and try to finish the most important things right before bed.


Learn Something New Every Day

Learning new things is powerful. This year, try to make it a personal goal to learn something new every day. Learning something could be as simple as reading a news article or watching the news instead of a TV show or movie. It’s better to know a little about a lot than a lot about a little. In other words, even if you don’t know everything or are not always up to date with everything, make sure to take time in your day to inspire yourself with a new fact.


Find a Hobby

Hobbies are a great and healthy way to get to know yourself as well as getting to know other people. This New Year find a new hobby. If you like to cook, find a club either on campus or in your community that teaches classes. If you like to dance/do Zumba/knit/read, whatever it is, make connections and have fun!

Well ladies, these are some of the healthy habits to adopt this New Year. Try everything in baby steps and enjoy the journey. What is your New Year's Resolution?

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I'm gonna try the exercise tip, been lacking in that and 3 days sounds good to me!

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