9 Herbal Supplements That Can Help with Female Health Issues ...


9 Herbal Supplements That Can Help with Female Health Issues ...
9 Herbal Supplements That Can Help with Female Health Issues ...

For years, herbal medicine has been an interest of mine, and for 11 years now, herbal supplements have been a part of my daily routine. Over time, the herbal supplements my body needs have changed, but I can honestly say, no matter which herbal supplements I’ve used throughout my own healthy journey, I’ve received nothing but benefits. If you need to improve your own health, and aren’t sure where to start, check out some of my favorite herbal supplements for women. Each herbal supplement below can help with a different issue and can safely help you deal with any health struggles you have. Herbal supplements get a lot of bad rap from the FDA, but in my opinion, it’s much safer to take something from the Earth than it is from a chemical laboratory.

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Astragalus Astragalus is one of my favorite herbal supplements to deal with stress, especially during time of PMS, or from high anxiety. Astragalus have been proven to be one of the most efficient herbal supplements for reducing chronic anxiety in women. It also keeps away colds, and increases the immune system’s ability to fight off illness. You can take astragalus root in pill form, or it comes in some powder supplements. It is also safe for any age group. Prevention magazine says that around 500 mg. per day is a good amount to shoot for if you need specific dosage suggestions.


Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh Almost 75% of women in the U. S. above age 30 suffer hot flashes daily. With the onset of menopause or taking place in the female body, hot flashes become an unfortunate, yet normal part, of most women's day. Luckily, one herb has been proven to be very effective in reducing hot flashes and eliminating them as they come on, just within around an hour. Black cohosh helps cure hot flashes, along with menstrual cramps, making it excellent to implement into your herbal supplement routine.



Garlic If you suffer high blood pressure, consider taking a supplement either with garlic, or at least eating more of it. I know it doesn’t smell too lovely, but it does wonders for both your hormones and high blood pressure. Garlic lowers your blood pressure and increases feel good hormones in the body, such as serotonin, which your body gets low on during your cycle. Even during menopause, it can help raise serotonin levels, increase low estrogen levels, and help balance out a bad mood. Garlic contains more than 70 active plant compounds that show numerous benefits for the heart, muscles, and joints. It also quells inflammation that can come with cramps, along with high cholesterol as a bonus.



ChasteBerry If you’re suffering from amenorrhea, or an absence of a period, you might try chasteberry as a possible way to bring back your menstrual cycle. Unless you’ve truly gone through menopause, a number of things can cause your period to stop. So long as your health is in generally good condition, chasteberry might help since it helps ease menstrual symptoms and stimulate the production of estrogen in the body. The herb has been used for thousands of year for symptoms of menopause, some types of infertility, and acne. You can take the herb as a liquid extract, or as a capsule or tablet.


Maca Root

Maca Root One of my personal favorite herbal supplements for women is maca root. Maca is a tuber, that looks much like a turnip, and I’m sure many of you have heard of it by now. It originates from Peru, and is an excellent source of amino acids, along with adaptogenic properties that make it excellent to fight stress, low energy, and fatigue. It also helps strengthen the adrenal glands that can be disrupted during menopause, or PMS, and it also helps to raise libido in women with low estrogen levels. It is sold in pill or powder form, and I like adding 1 tbsp. to my smoothies each morning. It has a delicious, malty, butterscotch taste.



Valerian Valerian is another excellent herb for women, specifically dealing with anxiety and insomnia. Menopause and PMS can cause anxiety or sleep disruptions, and valerian is a very safe herb that helps calm you down, and will help you relax.


St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort St. John’s Wort has some conflicting research associated with it, but I have found this herb to effectively fight a low mood, and help with PMS symptoms, along with a low mood and mild depression. You can buy it in stores, online, or anywhere herbal supplements are sold. Be aware, it does interfere with some prescription medications, so if you take any, be sure to check with your doctor to make sure it is safe to take with your current medications.



DHEA DHEA is a new supplement I have began taking for my hormones. Unfortunately, I entered menopause at a very early age due to a 15 year long eating disorder. I never got my period back, even after recovery, and have since suffered with several menopausal issues. Luckily, I found DHEA. It is suggested for women during menopause to take, to help with raising mood, the metabolism, and enhancing energy levels. I have found it to help me be able to get through the day with much more energy, a better mood, and my anxiety has also reduced. It seems to balance me out quite well, and I would recommend it to anyone who has recently gone through menopause, or is currently in menopause. It is sold online or in stores wherever herbal supplements are sold, and can be taken even if you are not in menopause, but suffer from bad PMS. A general recommendation is around 15 mg per day.



Chaga Chaga mushroom is one of the newest mushroom varieties to get quite the bit of attention for it’s mood, metabolism and health boosting properties. It also helps enhance the immune system, fight PMS symptoms, and can help reduce the onset of aging, along with fatigue. I use it in a supplement form, or a powder form. It doesn’t taste like mushrooms, but more like a smokey, caramel flavor in powder form.

Many women suffer from hormonal issues daily, but there is an easier way to manage hormone issues if you want to take a more natural route. While I’m not suggesting any of these supplements in replacement to you doctor’s recommendations, I am suggesting that they have been proven to help with mild to moderate hormonal issues and women’s health issues for many years.

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Hey heather, chasteberry! This could be my solution! :) (excitement!) I haven't had a period, even since gaining weight after a time with disordered eating. Since gaining the weight back healthfully and 'lessening' my obsessions with 'clean eating', I still haven't got a period and don't imagine to have a regular cycle for a while. I was on the pill for 4 months to get a cycle but doctor and I thought we could try without. So where can I buy chasteberry from? (I'm Australian) thanks Heather! Your wonderful! :)

DHEA can cause terrible acne

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