10 Herbs and Spices That Fight Depression as Well as Medication ...


10 Herbs and Spices That Fight Depression as Well as Medication ...
10 Herbs and Spices That Fight Depression as Well as Medication ...

Depression is nothing to mess around with. After studying psychology in both undergraduate and grad school, I can tell you that this is a condition that has many side effects and can lead to suicide. If you or someone you know suffers from depression, it is imperative to seek treatment. With the right combination of therapy and medications, you can control the illness and improve your quality of life. Combined with traditional forms of treatment, herbs and spices can also help boost mood and leave you feeling better. Talk to your doctor about trying these herbs and spices in conjunction with your treatment plan.

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St. John’s Wort is One of the Best Herbs

human action, product, sitting, romance, sense, There is quite a bit of research done on the effectiveness of St. John’s wort for treating depression. Many studies have found that the herb is nearly as effective as standard antidepressants without all the side effects. In certain people, the herb has caused more harm than good, so be sure you discuss its use with your doctor before giving it a try. It can interfere with other meds so don’t just start taking it until you get the ok.


Saffron is a Spice You Should Have in Your Pantry

hair, white, clothing, wedding dress, dress, Saffron comes from the crocus plant and is most commonly used in the classic Spanish dish called paella. It has been proven in several research studies as an effective way to treat mild to moderate depression. The stuff you buy at the store might not be as beneficial as taking the stigma, which has more of the compounds that battle mood disorders.


Camu Camu is One You Might Not Have Heard of

human action, human positions, clothing, person, beauty, Camu camu grows in tropical regions and is a plant with a berry that some research shows has a positive impact on the symptoms of depression. One study shows that eating the camu camu berry offers the greatest concentration of antidepressant properties when compared to any other plant. The berries aren’t too easy to come by, but you might be able to order them online or buy a plant and grow your own.


You Can’t Go Wrong with Maca

white, clothing, footwear, leg, dress, If you’ve never heard of maca, you aren’t alone. This herb is similar to ginseng. It’s also classified as a root vegetable and has been used medicinally for centuries. Recent research found that it has antidepressant properties and can be a useful addition to the treatment plan for depression. It’s most commonly found as a powder that you can add to smoothies or other similar meals.


Ginkgo Biloba is a Classic Option

clothing, person, human positions, leg, supermodel, Here’s an herb you have probably heard of. It’s gotten a bit more recognition than some of the other ones on this list. It has many medicinal purposes, but scientists have found that it can ease the symptoms of depression. Gingko biloba is an option that many people choose in place of medicine, but that should never be done without doctor’s approval. Most people only take the herb for 6 weeks at a time so you’ll need other treatment options during your breaks.


Common Lavender is Something You Might Want to Try

clothing, person, undergarment, leg, blond, There is some debate about the effectiveness of common lavender, but some research shows promise as a way to treat moderate depression. This is one you probably want to discuss with your doctor, but incorporating some lavender in your depression treatment plan could prove beneficial for you if your doctor approves.


Kava Kava Might Be a Good Bet for You

human action, clothing, black hair, leg, furniture, Here is another herb that has been used for medicinal purposes for many years. Not only can it induce relaxation and ease anxiety, but some experts feel that it can also help with depression. As with any supplement of this type, it’s a good idea to discuss its use with your mental health professional before using it.


Turmeric is a Great NaturAl anti Depressant

human action, person, woman, photography, beauty, Turmeric is known to be an anti inflammatory as well as a great anti depressant. Studies have shown it alleviates depression better than most prescription medications. Due to its curcuminoid content it's also known to fix or alleviate a slew of other ailments as well.


Thyme is Fantastic for Depression

human positions, sitting, leg, hairstyle, furniture, You'll be filling your food in no thyme (get it-I made a pun!) once you see all its benefits for depression. Overflowing with lithium (used in many prescription antidepressant medications), tryptophan to act as a sleep aid for when your insomnia keeps you up, and it will also calm your brain when needed and stimulate it when needed. It really is a wonderful herb!


Cinnamon is a Soothing Scent

hair, white, clothing, person, wedding dress, A multipurpose spice in itself, cinnamon has a scent that will refresh your body and mind when they're out of balance, soothe your senses, and encourage optimum brain functioning. Studies also show it is capable of reversing depression because of the positive effects it has on the mind and body. Since it is so multi functional you will have no problem incorporating this spice into your daily life.

What do you for your depression? Would you be willing to try any of these herbs and spices?

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I work at a vegan restaurant. And I've heard of ginkgo balboa. A lady said she uses the herb to help her with her skin issues. So then I started using it on my smoothies and I can definitely say I feel a lot more relaxed and a lot more content about life

Cinnamon does help for a few minutes of calm and peace.

If you are already on drugs for depression, check with your doctor to see if these herbs and spices interfere with your current prescriptions. Prescription drugs had to come from somewhere. Herbs were usually the beginning.

It sounds like a good idea. Maybe using essential oil aroma therapy might help with stress and anxiety. Worth a try. I love the smell of lavender

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