Here Are the 7 Best Ways to Give Your Brain a Workout ...


How many times a week do you exercise? An easy question to answer for all, no doubt. Now, how many times a week do you give your brain a workout? You may think you have a mentally taxing job but that’s not the same as putting your brain through its paces.

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Take the Time to Think and Reflect Throughout Your Day

It is amazing how little some people think. Remember when you first met a guy or girl and were completely enamored with them. Remember how much time they spent haunting your thoughts. That level of mental activity doesn’t have to be limited to thinking about your newest boyfriend or girlfriend. You can put your mind to a myriad of things if you try. Plus, if you spend more time reflecting and thinking through your day, then your brain gets a better workout.


Workout Physically and You Will Feel the Benefits Mentally

Maybe it is because the blood circulates around your mind better, or maybe that stuff they say about people’s brain-power decreasing when they are lazy is true. Who knows the truth? But, it is a fact that you can give your brain a workout if you give your body a workout at least twice per week.


Read as Much as You Watch

There’s a great joy in reading – whether it’s fiction, a hobby/interest or a self-help book. It may seem more efficient being told something over reading it, but reading allows you more time to reflect and imagine, and it gives your mind a nice workout.


Consider the Alternatives to What You See and Hear

Do not take things at face value. Consider the alternatives. For example, the UK gave 700 million in medical aid to Africa, which was over 25 times more than any other country/region. Ask yourself questions about it and figure alternatives. For example, was it simply a generous gesture? Were they showing off? Where their politicians trying to influence pharmaceutical companies? Do some of their politicians have shares in the pharmaceutical companies that were used? Will their NHS strike a deal for lower drug prices after the next election? You might not come up with the answers but you will improve your mental acuity.


Steer Clear of Music and Audio for a While and Try a Little Silence

For generations brought up on TV and music, the idea of spending time in silence without music or some sort of show in the background is heart stopping. However, time in complete silence is going to force you to think, and that is going to help workout your brain a little. It may feel uncomfortable, but it is what philosophers do all day.


A Balanced Diet Will Help You Think More Clearly

Maybe a balanced diet isn’t going to make you razor sharp, but consider the alternative? There is enough evidence now to conclude that an unbalanced diet is bad for your brain power. You cannot work out your brain if it is sluggish through a poor diet.


Learn about Logic and How to Apply It to Your Life

Learn about how logic works and apply it to your life. It will give you a lot to think about, which will in turn work out your brain. For example, consider the argument that childhood inoculations cause autism. On the surface this may seem to have merit, but if you apply logic you notice that almost everybody you know was inoculated as a child, and yet you have probably never even met an autistic person. Logically, if childhood inoculations caused autism, then you would know a lot of people with autism. Learn about logic and how to apply it to your life, and you can give your brain a workout by applying logic to your daily life.

You will read a lot of articles that will tell you that doing puzzles and brain training games will also give your brain a work out. There is no empirical evidence to support the efficacy of this but if it helps you to relax and de-stress, and clear your mind for other things, then that’s no bad thing. We pay so much attention to our bodies, isn’t it right to give out brains some TLC too?

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It's okay if it's intelligent music. This redundant and auto tuned "music" obviously lets our brain power diminish. John Lennon makes you think.

I love love love this!!! Thanks for posting

This is very helpful, love this. Brain stimulation is a must.

She is such a great writer. I'm so thankful for her info ,and the positive things she brings to light.

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