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Too much salt in your diet is not a good thing. Although your body needs sodium, a diet too high in salt can affect your heart, brain and bone health. If you use salt liberally, or quite a lot in your food, there are some jolly good reasons to reach for Himalayan Pink Salt instead of plain old table salt. And it isn’t just good for eating as you’ll now find out.

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It’s Simply Nutritionally Better

Himalayan Pink Salt contains 80+ minerals and elements –85.62% sodium chloride and 14.38% other trace minerals including (in descending order of quantity): sulphate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium, and fluoride.


Improve Your Digestion

Among the many benefits of Himalayan pink salt is the fact that nutrients in the salt can actually enhance the ability of your gastrointestinal tract to absorb other nutrients. You will be able to digest food better, feeling less hungry and, therefore, less inclined to binge when you ditch your conventional table salt and replace it with Himalayan pink salt. Now isn't that good news?


Reducing Blood Pressure

Many believe that Himalayan pink salt, because of its high sodium content, couldn't possibly be linked to a reduction in blood pressure. For years, doctors and successions of governmental bodies have told us that too much salt is bad for us, increasing our blood pressure quite shockingly. However, do a little homework and you'll discover that this topic has not been exhaustively researched.


Regulating Hydration

Other benefits of Himalayan pink salt include its ability to help regulate our bodies' hydration, when imbibed as a sole (pronounced "solay," German for a brine solution of water fully saturated with unrefined, natural salt). HPS comprises of ca. 85% sodium chloride and the remaining 15% contain potassium, magnesium, bicarbonate, and calcium in notable quantities. All of these minerals are electrolytes that are essential for the regulation of body fluids. Our bodies absorb electrolytes faster than water. Since HPS provides our bodies with just the right kind of electrolytes, consuming sole is far healthier than drinking commercial sports drinks, most of which contain a lot of sugar and chemical preservatives.


Reduces Water Retention

Use the same quantity of all natural Himalayan pink salt instead of processed NaC1 table salt and your body should be in a far better position to process nutrients and minerals. Your body won't need as much water to wash away the excess sodium, which means you won't retain as much water and your body won't have to work so hard at the "clearing out" process. Water retention adds to your weight woes, so reducing it is a great step forward.


Time to Detoxify

Adding Himalayan pink salt to a bath of warm water (body temperature works best) will provide your body with many additional nutrients it needs, but it will also help to detoxify your body. Dissolved in water, Himalayan pink salt turns into an ionic solution that assists with drawing out toxins from skin and adipose tissues. The two effects combined will make you feel energized and refreshed.


Relax Cramped Muscles

Soothe away soreness with a warm bath infused with Himalayan pink salt (HPS); it's a great way to relax cramped muscles. HPS contains trace minerals and magnesium, which are absorbed through the skin, helping damaged muscle and other soft tissue to heal.


Strengthen Your Body

Many of the trace minerals contained in HPS are also essential for our bodies to fortify bones, skin, and connective tissue, in addition to regenerating muscle tissue and helping with blood circulation. If you suffer from broken bones, chilled extremities, arthritis, or mental fatigue, use HPS regularly when you season your meals. It may just be the kick-start your body needs to return to health.


Use for Sinus Irrigation

Congested sinuses can be very irritating, but with the help of a Neti pot and a healthy cleanse made from water and Himalayan pink salt, you can irrigate your sinuses and kill bacteria at the same time. It's an easy to make saline, simply use a small quantity of cooled boiled water and HPS, and mix in a jar.

Please note: These benefits – especially the food-related ones – don’t mean you can ignore the salt issue. If you think you consume too much salt, you can’t simply replace regular with HPS. You should consider cutting down AND changing to HPS.

What’s your salt intake? Does it need some adjustment?

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Is this sold in regular stores or only in speciality stores or online? And how much is it?

Very interesting!

*we went to sea salt. A couple of years later we were introduced to pink Himalayan salt & none of us would even consider going back to the table salt for flavouring our food, after any type of sea salt, table salt tastes bitter. I had no idea that the Himalayan salt could help out in a bath with damaged muscles but I am willing to try it out. Partially torn up my right thigh muscle several days ago &, as a result, I can't work on most of my home gym equipment. Kinda ruff to take our dogs out to the back yard for bathroom time when it means that I have to use the stairs to get them to the front door, more stairs to get them from the front door to the back yard & then back again. I will report back after I have tried the bath "trick". 😃

I've had hps for a really long time and I the only difference I've noticed is that it tastes a lot stronger

I'm off to buy some online now !

Interesting! I'm definitely going to try HPS

Off to the market! 😍

My blood pressure is too low, causing dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. Switching to this salt has made a noticeable difference in helping me regulate my BP daily. Good stuff.

Can someone make it clearer how to use in sinus ?

It also contains a trace amount of a number of radioactive elements. And also sea salt kills the environment at a waaay faster rate than regular salt. Fun facts!!

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