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How to Give Yourself a Complete Energy Makeover ...

By Clarrie

Have you recently found yourself barely making it through the day without feeling completely exhausted? Does it seem like your busy, hectic schedule has been getting the better of you more than it used to? Perhaps it is because your energy levels are at an all time low, both mentally and physically. No matter what motivations we have in life, we need energy to be able to pursue both the things that we love and the things that are required to live a happy, successful, normal life. Did you know that there is such a thing as a complete energy makeover? If that sounds like something you need right now, then here are some tips for just how to give yourself one.

1 Relax Your Brain before Sleep

face, nose, head, child, boy, Instead of spending an hour on your phone when laying in bed before going to sleep, spend that time in complete, contemplative silence in order to let your brain waves relax. Screens can really zap your brain and sap your energy, even if you are about to drop off. They can lead to a much less rested period of sleep than if you allow yourself to wind down from technology.

2 Natural Light

room, wall, bedroom, interior design, bed, Nothing improves your mood and emotional well being faster than a good dose of natural light. Keep your curtain or blind open during the night so that you stand a better chance of being awakened by the sun rather than by a horrible alarm. Natural light helps to control the natural circadian rhythms of your body.


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3 Ice Water

cobalt blue, blue, glass, purple, water, Many people like to wake themselves with a cold shower, but they can actually work to weaken your immune system if taken too regularly. Instead, you can give your body the same awakening effect by drinking a glass of ice cold water as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you add a touch of lemon, it can even help with metabolism and weight loss!

4 Increase Oxygen

leg, physical fitness, joint, arm, muscle, Try to exercise in the morning rather than at night, because you will not only wake you body up fully for the day ahead, but you will also give yourself a big oxygen boost before the real work of the day has even begun.

5 Tea

drink, coffee cup, espresso, tableware, coffee, We know that coffee is a more popular morning beverage, but it really is worth giving tea a try. Lots of different kinds of black teas like Earl Grey, for example, have great energy boosting properties without the crazy caffeine crash later on. Things like herbal and chamomile can also help to ease you through any stresses and rough patches in your day, preserving your energy.

6 Don’t Skip Meals

food, fast food, cuisine, junk food, eating, No matter how busy or behind time you are, you always need to find space to eat during the day. Don’t skip breakfast, because it gives you nothing to get going with for the day, and don’t skip lunch, because if you do you will crash so hard during the afternoon hours that you will be more prone to binging on unhealthy but immediately satisfying foods in the evening.

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