How to Tell the Difference between a Cold and an Allergy ...

Winter brings us cold weather colds and flu and warmer months bring us hay fever. And then there's fall with unseasonal flowering plants and leaf mold. If you experience watery eyes, the sniffles and a scratchy throat, how do you know if you're allergic to something or have been fit by a virus?

1. Length of Illness

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Telling the difference between a cold and an allergy can often be determined by the length of your illness. A common cold will usually last anywhere between 3 days up to 14 days, whereas an allergy can be anything from a few days to a longer stretch of numerous months depending on your contact with whatever it is that you do not realise you are allergic to. If your cold is lingering longer than two weeks, then it might be time to consider if it could be something else.

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