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Is One of These Reasons Why You Avoid the Dentist?

By Neecey

Going to the dentist is one of those things in life you have to do even if it’s something you don’t enjoy. But there are still people who don’t go or put it off for the very longest time possible. Dental anxiety is very real. Is the reason you avoid the dentist one of these?

1 Cost of Dental Treatment

One of the major factors that keeps people away from dental practices is the fear of cost. Often cited as one of the reasons to hate going to the dentist, a recent survey revealed that around 44 percent of people did not go for check-ups or other dental work because they lack dental insurance. Yearly dental check-ups wouldn't actually cost a lot if people took better care of their teeth and mouth. Regularly flossing and rinsing with a therapeutic mouthwash can help keep teeth and mouth healthy and make check-ups quite affordable.

2 Bad Memories from Previous Dental Visits

There are so many people with bad memories of previous dental visits: Many people fear the dentist because when they were children they were told there was nothing to be afraid of. Severe pain coupled with a less than sympathetic dentist often prove to children that there's every reason to be afraid. This instilled fear that lasts many years. Dental visits today are very different, with many dentists offering music, TVs, and new high-tech procedures that can help erase those horrid memories.


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3 Fear of Necessary Dental Work

Avoidance and denial are strong emotions and both can play a role in why people don’t visit the dentist as often as they should. Very few patients are afraid of simple cleaning procedures but they don’t want to hear bad news about their teeth issues that require painful treatment.

4 Fear of Dentist's Instruments

The idea of painful treatment, carried out with scary-looking instruments, is often the reason why people are so afraid of bad news. Even thinking about a drill or a scraper is enough to fill someone with dread. But there have been so many new advances in dental care, including laser dentistry, which usually requires no anesthetics. Also, the drills used nowadays are so advanced that there is little noise or discomfort.

5 Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety can soon lead to dental phobia about going to the dentist generally or having any kind of treatment done. There are several things patients can do to minimize their fears before these turn into a full-blown phobia. Communicating with your dentist, for example, to talk about your fears is a good way to compare expectations and the reality of dental treatments. Listening to calming music and staying in a soothing and positive environment not an overcrowded- bustling waiting room prior to treatment can also help to minimize the fear factor.

6 Excuses like "I'm Too Busy" or "I'm Just Too Lazy"

If we don't build dental check-ups into our routine, we can easily get into the habit of skipping dental visits. Of course, sometimes people do have a lot going on in their lives, but sometimes people simply don't want to make the effort. If you are signed to a progressive dental practice, they work hard to remind you and set up your visits. These programs are specifically designed to combat these issues.

7 Fear of Dental Lectures

People dislike being lectured about their dental health. Anyone who has neglected to floss or brush their teeth for a while will feel quite defensive as it is and will be afraid to be greeted by a lecture if they go to the dentist. A good dentist will know if you have been brushing and flowing so there’s no hiding, but a good dentist will not lecture. They will educate and motivate you to take better care of your teeth.

If you don’t go to the dentist, which of these reasons resonates most with you?

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