Should You Swap out Your Tampons for a Menstrual Cup?


Should You Swap out Your Tampons for a Menstrual Cup?
Should You Swap out Your Tampons for a Menstrual Cup?

When I first saw an ad for menstrual cups, I was mystified and more than a little squicked out. In the age-old debate of tampons vs. pads, I was a tampon girl, all the way, and there was little room for improvement - or so I thought. I added up the money I spent on tampons in a year, and compared that to the cost of a cup, and the curiosity (and miser) in me won out, and I gave the cup a try. Here's what I learned.

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PRO: They're Budget-friendly

The reusable cup I chose cost $25 including shipping. A box of tampons costs $10 a month. If you replace the cup once a year (and you really don't have to - most can least YEARS), you'd save $95 a year. That's a new pair of boots, or a one-way ticket to Vegas, both of which are a lot more fun than extra boxes of tampons.


CON: the Mess

The first couple of times I used my cup, it was straight out of the prom scene from Carrie - it was a mess! On my third day, as I got more used to using the cup, it got better, and by the end of my period, I was a mess-free pro. Which brings me to my next point...


CON: the Learning Curve

Like the first time you use tampons, there's a learning curve when you first use a cup. Like inserting a tampon, it's important to relax. Again, though, by the third day, I was a pro.


PRO: They're Ideal for the Outdoors

If I'm so firmly pro-tampon, why'd I even bother to try a cup? Because I'm outdoors-y, hiking and sleeping under the stars for days at a time, without access to a bathroom. So tampons are difficult to pack, and use, and dispose of... a cup, though? Much easier to pack in, and much easier to use. Except...


CON: the Environment

One of the pros cup devotees will mention is that they're much more environmentally-friendly than pads or tampons, and from a waste perspective, that's completely true. But you'll use a lot of water rinsing your cup. Like when you use a tampon, you have to wash your hands before and after, but there's also the rinsing of the cup.

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PRO: You'll Get to Know Your Body

There's something kind of cool about knowing exactly how much (or how little) your body sheds during your cycle. It's a lot less than I thought, though, remarkably, my on my one heavy day, I bleed more than all the other days put together. Sorry... TMI? Anyway, what will you learn about your body and flow?


PRO: Discretion

Most women make the switch from pads to tampons for discretion - we're always afraid everyone else will be able to see or hear our pads. A cup, like a tampon, is invisible.


PRO: Lower Risk of TSS

With the use of tampons comes a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare but sometimes fatal infection. That risk is drastically lower when you use a cup.


PRO: Loads of Brands to Choose from

There are so many brands of cups to choose from! With pads and tampons, there aren't many options, but with cups, there's more than a dozen. I chose Lunette, but there's also Diva Cup, Moon Cup, and more.


PRO: Your Insides

A tampon absorbs the good bacteria in your lady bits, and it can dry you out. A cup, however, leaves your delicate pH and your other good stuff intact.


PRO: Gas Money

Remember when I was talking about the cost and environmental savings of using a cup? I nearly forgot to mention: using a cup will also save you the time, effort, cost, and greenhouse emissions of those extra trips to the drug store.


PRO: Sports

I'm a runner, and I've worried about tampon changes in the middle of a long race or training run. The cup can stay in place up to 12 hours, depending on your flow - that's enough time for a soccer game, or even a full marathon.


PRO: Comfort

Pads? Not comfortable. Tampons? Usually pretty comfortable, though occasionally distractingly uncomfortable. A cup? Totes comfy - once it's in, you won't even feel it.

So... any questions? Will you try a cup? Or, if you already have, what pros and cons would you add?

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I didn't even know those existed! I like how environmentally friendly it is!

Just ordered one to try out. I didn't even know about these but they sound great! I'm actually looking forward to my period just so I can test it out haha 😂

It scares me

I think I'll give these a try. I don't get periods as often as most girls because of my eating and exercise habits (plus I don't weigh very much) but when I do this sounds perfect! Could really come in handy during my workouts. And I like how it's environmentally friendly it is:)

When i first got to know about these cups, I decided to give them a try. However i am unable to reap much benefit out of it as i am unable to get it in! One of the cons is definitely for those who are switching directly from pads to the cup as they have to put in much more extra effort as in my case.


They are the best!! So happy I switched! If you are still using tampons you are crazy!!

I tried 2x but it did not work for me . It got stuck inside and I had panic attack. I am back to old fashion pad .

How do you wash it out in public bathrooms?

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