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This Will Change Your Mind about Using Tampons ...

By Jordin

I used to think that using maxi pads was disgusting and there was no way I’d ever trade my tampons in. Then I started doing a little research and realized my options weren’t quite as limited as I thought and that giving up tampons might actually benefit me. If your curiosity is piqued, or you’ve been wondering what else you could use besides tampons, see below!

1 What Options Are Available to Use besides Tampons?

There’s the obvious of course, maxi pads! Todays technology has created pads that are much less cumbersome than they used to be, ones that you can barely feel! I usually choose organic pads to stay earth-friendly. Another option is the Softcup. It’s a pliable cup you place inside to collect everything. You may be surprised by how comfortable and effective they are! If you’re really looking to go green, try using mama-cloth, which are washable and re-usable pads.

2 You Will Be Saving Money Each Month by Opting Away from Tampons

If you choose to use a Softcup, or cloth pads then you’ll be saving a little money each month. It will be an investment at first, since Softcups and cloth pads both tend to cost a little more up front. However, you will save your money in the long run!


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3 It’s so Much Healthier for Your Body to Skip Using Tampons

Toxic shock syndrome is one side effect associated with tampons. It is rare, but it can be life threatening. I’ve also had friends tell me that they experience less cramping when they are not using tampons!

4 Not Using Tampons is More Earth-friendly

Where do you think used pads and tampons go? Straight into landfills of course! If you use a Softcup or cloth pads, you’re contributing to a greener, better earth! Plus your bathroom won’t stink from pads sitting in a wastebasket, and you’ll never call the plumber over a clogged toilet after flushing too many tampons.

5 You Can Still Participate in All the Same Activities You like to do

Softcups are just like tampons, only they are better in every way. So you can still swim, bike, play tennis, or do any other active sports you enjoyed before while using tampons. Softcups won’t fall out and you can’t feel them when they are inserted correctly!

6 You Can Support Small Businesses versus Bigger Corporate Companies

There are little shops all over Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram that supply cloth pads, or “mama-cloth” as they are also known! You can custom order some adorable prints! I love helping out small businesses and supporting the work-at-home moms who run them.

7 You Will Experience Less Frequent Trips to the Bathroom to Change Your Tampon

Sometimes during my heavy days I’m changing out my tampon every hour! With Softcup, you only change once in the morning and once at night. And since you keep it and reuse it, you aren’t really “changing” it, only emptying it out and re-inserting. So simple, and much less trips to the restroom at what can be inconvenient times!

I made the decision about two years ago to stop using tampons, for all the reasons listed above. It’s been a great decision, and not one that I’ve regretted! If you’ve been wondering about trying some other form of feminine hygiene products, I hope this article has prompted you to see that it’s totally doable. Thanks for reading!

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