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Low Sex Drive This is What You Have to do to Kickstart Your Libido ...

By Neecey

Is your sex drive down in the dumps? Intimacy is important to a relationship so a libido that’s not firing on all cylinders has the ability to start all kinds of trouble. If you need some ways to boost your libido, carry on reading and be ready for some good lovin’.

1 Take up Yoga

Recent studies have shown that exercise is a great way to kick start your libido. It helps to increase and enhance sexual response because it gets the blood pumping through your body, particularly your nether regions! Yoga provides this rush of blood while at the same time helping you to become more agile and flexible; a great combination for a long awaited night in with a loved one.

2 Have a Coffee a Few Hours before

Not only does coffee do the job of keeping you awake and alert, it has also recently been identified as having slight aphrodisiac properties. Drinking a strong cup in preparation of an amorous encounter will do you the double help of enhancing your desire and giving you an extra kick of energy.


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3 Eat Sushi

If you want to start the preparations even before you cup of coffee, then a great idea would be to have sushi for dinner. Sushi, especially of the salmon variety, is very high in antioxidants that help to enhance libido. Also, sushi-associated greens like seaweed and edamame are high in Vitamin B, which helps to stimulate blood flow.

4 Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Boredom is part of human nature, so it would make sense that sharing the same, unchanging bedroom with your partner every night might lead to a loss of libido and interest. Try to shake this up by redecorating or rearranging the bedroom. This might help to inject a little novelty in to the space and could lead to spicing up your sex life.

5 Try a Slow Burn

Libido and arousal can sometimes be a sensitive thing. The spark doesn’t always ignite on demand; you have to put a little work in beforehand. Use the whole day to begin a slow burn with your partner. Try a little sexting or suggestive texting while at work (without losing focus on your job) to get the juices flowing. Having all day to think about it releases dopamine and serotonin, making a person more excited about intimacy.

6 Try Some Friendly Competition

Humans are peculiar beings, and it has been proven that competition between individuals can stir up feelings of desire as a result of all the testosterone that is released through competitive activity. Why not try a date night at the bowling alley to get the competitive juice flowing? Hopefully you will be able to transfer the vibes to the bedroom.

7 Get Some Literary Inspiration

Erotic fiction has never been so widely popular as it is today, thanks mainly to the successful Fifty Shades trilogy. If S&M isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of sexy novels out there to grab some inspiration from. If your loss of libido is down to a lack of imagination, let some of these authors provide it for you.

8 Wear Red Clothing

Red isn’t called the color of love for nothing! Many different studies over the years have found that this particular color is prone to attracting a male’s attention, so slipping in to a sumptuous little red number might just provide the spark of excitement and self-confidence that you have been missing.

9 Get Touchy Feely

If a couple are more prone to cuddling and being in contact with each other throughout the day, a high level of oxytocin (known as the cuddle hormone) is released, and throughout a long day, the release of this hormone is very likely to increase feelings of stronger sexual desire. Holding hands, squeezing knees, all these little gestures can add up to an enjoyable night!

These are quite simple ways to kick start your libido and might not work if there are health or psychological issues underlying your lack of sex drive (in which case you might need medical help). But they’re worth trying if you want to put a little spark back into your sex life. Have you ever suffered this problem?

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