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Are you looking for some podcasts about mental health?
Don’t you think that it’s a really sad fact that still, in 2018, people are scared to talk about mental health issues? You can tell your mum to shut up about her hip pain, your brother loves to moan about his recurring back injury, but for some reason, the thought of discussing and being open about things like depression and anxiety still feels like a big no-no to so many people. One of the best ways to address mental health and start to make something productive and positive out of your experiences is to surround yourself with people who are understanding and willing to talk about the tough aspects, and if you can’t do that with people in your real life, I recommend turning to the online world for company. Here are five brilliant podcasts about mental health.

1. The Dark Place

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Produced by Joel Kutz, The Dark Place is a podcast that isn’t afraid to talk about all of the big issues in mental health, from depression to anxiety to trauma and panic attacks. It’s the kind of show that you should listen to if you are feeling particularly alone or isolated because it will help you to see that you are certainly not the only one who is feeling this way right now. You can try to heal as a big inter-airwaves group! This is one of the best podcasts about mental health out there.

2. Crybabies

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This is great podcast hosted by two women who spend their time talking about things that are certain to make them cry. They cover everything from movies to songs to film and books, as well as real-life experiences. The podcast is a place where the stigma of crying and being weepy is completely absent. It can be really therapeutic!

3. The Hilarious World of Depression

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Comedian John Moe believes there are few things that cannot be made better with a smile or some laughter and that includes depression. But just because he and a group of fellow comedians are having fun in this podcast doesn’t belittle depression and anxiety. The result is a podcast that is true, funny, frank and moving.

4. The Struggle Bus

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The Struggle Bus is a podcast in which the great hosts offer advice and answers to questions that have been submitted by their listeners. The questions cover pretty much every corner of mental health, and no topic is off limits. It can be a really helpful resource.

5. Mentally Yours

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This is a podcast in which the two hosts interview a mystery guest each week, delving into the deep and important topics of depression, anxiety and generally all of the weird thoughts and feelings that can enter into your mind on a daily basis. It feels like you are spending time with a bunch of friends, just getting to the nitty gritty of mental issues.

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