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18 Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life ...

By Naomi

This post was originally going to be 13 Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life, but I got so into writing it and found/came up with such power packed affirmations that I had to change it to 18 Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life. Our thoughts create the world we live in, so if there is something you wish to change about your life, then you need to change your thoughts about it. If you are a skeptic, I challenge you to pick just one of these positive affirmations to change your life, say it three times a day for 5 minutes at a time (with feeling) or whenever an opposing thought comes in, and in one month's time something in your life would have shifted in relation to your chosen affirmation… for sure. Let’s get started!

1 Every Day in Every Way I Am Getting Better and Better and Better

A lot of people can’t buy into the idea of positive affirmations because it can be hard to tell yourself one thing when in reality it seems like the complete opposite. It’s hard to say "I am fit and healthy" if you loose breath even thinking about getting off the couch. That’s why this affirmation is one of my all time favorites. No matter what your situation, you are not putting any grand statement out there; you are simply saying that in every aspect of your life, you are getting better and better each day. Whenever you have a negative thought about anything, combat it with this powerful statement.

2 I Love and Accept Myself Completely

This is for anyone who says "oh, I am so fat" or "I could never be as smart as her." That kind of negative self talk needs to stop now. You can only ever be what you think and say you are. So start changing the script. Every time you think anything negative about yourself quickly say this positive affirmation to yourself. At the beginning and end of each day say it to yourself over and over and really feel what it’s like to love and accept yourself completely. Soon enough, you’ll start to experience situations which confirm your new found love for yourself.


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3 I Let Go of Everything I do Not Want or Need for My Highest Good

Say this positive affirmation whenever you feel yourself partaking in any negative thought process or activity that no longer benefits you. We have to actively cultivate the life we desire and that also means letting go of the thoughts, feelings, things and sometimes even people that no longer serve us.

4 I Am Grateful for the Abundance of Financial Wealth and Prosperity in My Life

If you are strapped for cash and every time you see something you like in a shop window you think, "Oh, I’ll never be able to buy that, I never have enough money." Then that is exactly what you will continue to get: never enough money. Next time you think about money, repeat the above affirmation to yourself and imagine being able to buy whatever you want whenever you want. It may not come immediately, but I have no doubt that your financial situation will change if you change your thoughts about it.

5 By Day and by Night I Am Being Prospered in All of My Interests

This is one of my all time favorite positive affirmations. I pull this out of the bag whenever I think about any aspect of my life in which I wish I was doing better. Whether it is money, health, relationships or work, I make sure I affirm my positive progress regularly.

6 I Am Slim and Trim. I Only Eat when I Am Hungry

If you struggle with overeating or wish you had more control of your diet, then you could practice using this positive affirmation. Whenever you go to think or say anything negative about yourself and your eating habits, stop yourself and say this affirmation instead. The same goes if you feel the temptation to overeat, say this affirmation to yourself at the time. You may not resist the tub of Haagen Dazs on the first go, but eventually your actions will catch-up with your thoughts and it won’t be a matter of resisting, but simply being what you have been saying: you are slim, and trim and you only eat when you are hungry.

7 Everything Always Works out Perfectly for Me

Isn't this positive affirmation just beautiful? As soon as I say this statement I feel a sense of calm and relaxation come over me. If you tend to worry about things, or stress over the future, then you should pretty much make this affirmation your new best friend. Worrying about the future or stressing over how things will work out are not only futile but create negative tension which will be manifest in your life somehow. You set the standard for how things pan out, so make sure you set it right.

8 I Let Go of Old Programs That Keep Me Stuck in Old Patterns

Do you procrastinate? Are you a starter but not a finisher? If you have any traits that you know are not helping you get to wherever it is you want to go, then start using this affirmation. Whenever you think of the habit, go to criticize yourself, or even contemplate associating yourself with the old habit, say this affirmation to yourself.

9 I Accept Peace and Joy in All Aspects of My Life

If you tend to get over emotional, angry or upset in certain situations, then this may be the affirmation for you. It may be family gatherings, work meetings or simply dealing with difficult people, either way, this affirmation can help you work towards feeling calm and peaceful regardless of what is going on, and attract positive outcomes to previously negative situations.

10 Success

So simple, yet so effective. Sometimes we are so concentrated on all that is not working for us, or the struggle of things, that we do not give ourselves enough of a chance to succeed. If you are miles from your goal, it is far better to concentrate on the idea of success than the possibility of failure. Simply repeating the word "success" to yourself will shift your whole mindset and in turn bring about positive results.

11 I Release All My Negative Emotions; I Am Confident

If you suffer from social anxiety then next time you feel yourself getting anxious or know that you could potentially head that way, take a deep breath whilst repeating this affirmation to yourself. Take your focus from your anxiety onto the positive, comforting nature of the affirmation.

12 I Am a Worthwhile Person; I Attract Joy into My Life

This is another marvelous affirmation for anyone who feels nervous in certain situations, particularly intimated or inferior to others. If you feel and tell yourself that you are lesser than those around you, it will come off in your behavior and you’ll be treated in accordance - only verifying your negative thoughts. Think otherwise and watch your experience of yourself in relation to others transform.

13 Yes to Life!

I know this one is a little cheese, but you would be amazed how often we subconsciously say "no" to life. Anytime you dread an event, criticize yourself or someone else or berate your situation, you are in essence rejecting your life experiences and clouding them with negativity. Whatever you resist persists. The only solution is to turn your focus away from "No" and over to "Yes." If you don’t like something, don’t go on about it, just turn your thoughts to stuff you do like and that make you happy.

14 Today I Choose Success. Today I Choose Happiness. Today I Choose Right Action. Today I Wish Goodwill and Joy to Everyone. Today I Choose Peace

I have started saying this affirmation every morning as soon as I open my eyes. You can choose to say the whole thing or only part. It is about proactively choosing what your day is going to be like and heading into it with the best of intentions. I can honestly say that I have felt generally happier since practicing this affirmation and as soon as I wake up in the morning, I start saying it automatically without effort.

15 I Integrate Trust and Love into Every Aspect of My Life

Fear is where all negative emotions come from; fear of not having enough, fear of not being good enough, fear of failure. Even if we subconsciously hold onto fear it will trickle into every aspect of our lives. The above affirmation helps you to let go of fear and saturate your life with love and trust instead. Trust that it will all be okay, concentrate on love, not fear, and your life will have no choice but to reflect your thoughts in more ways than you could have ever imagined possible.

16 My Life is Full of Loving, Supportive and Equally Appreciated and Reciprocated Relationships

If you are having issues with a friendship, want to make more friends, or simply wish to get along better with your family – then let this affirmation work its magic for you. When you think of whatever situation you wish to improve or bring about, say this affirmation to yourself whilst generating the feelings of love and support that positive relationships provide you with. Do not be surprised if you meet someone new and fantastic, revive an old friendship or an issue with a loved simply resolves itself!

17 I Love My Life

I read an interview with Cameron Diaz recently in which she said "I love my life. It is fu*king awesome awesome." It makes perfect sense that the woman’s life is amazing because she says it is so. Okay, so you may not be attending the latest premiers or your body defying the laws of gravity, but say this affirmation whilst focusing on all that is good in your life and by doing so, you will generate more to be in love with and thankful for.

18 I Celebrate Others' Success and Happiness. I Wish the Best for Everyone

As selfless as this affirmation seems, it is in fact completely selfish. Any time you are jealous of someone’s success or think how unfair it is that they have this or that, you are only calling forth more of the same emotions onto yourself. It is imperative that you celebrate and are happy for other people, as what you wish for others is what you inevitably call upon yourself. This is a big one people!

Positive affirmations are what you make them; this is only a short list of the many positive affirmations to change your life. You can choose to use your thoughts to create the life you want and change harmful thinking patterns, or you can unconsciously allow your thoughts to run your life negatively. Does anyone else have any standout affirmations they would like to share or examples where positive affirmations have worked in their life?

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