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I always get a kick out of the commercials on television that show a happy individual doing all sorts of activities that he/she wouldn’t have been capable of doing without the prescription drug being boasted about. The best part of these commercials is the very end where the announcer has to list all the side effects possible with the drug the commercial is about. Here are 7 prescription drugs with strange side effects you should know about.

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Patients taking Ambien have been known to do odd things while still asleep. My sister had a roommate who took Ambien and she would make milkshakes in the middle of the night. In the morning she’d awaken to a dirty kitchen and never could recall getting up to make the milkshake in the first place.



Children who suffer from bed-wetting have taken this medication to try and eliminate this condition. However, Elavil has been shown to cause a person’s urine to be green. Kids might find this fun, but I think I’d freak out if I started peeing green! Today there are generic versions of this drug and this particular brand name isn’t available in the US anymore.



If you are looking for a good weight loss aid, then be sure to thoroughly check out what the side effects are of the drug you might be taking. For instance, Xenical is meant to prevent fat from being absorbed by the body. This drug does seem to work well in that aspect, but do you know where that unabsorbed fat shows up later? Some of the side effects of Xenical are; the inability to control bowel movements, an oily discharge given off with bouts of gas, and an increase in the amount of times you have a bowel movement. No wonder you lose weight with this drug. You spend most of your time running to the bathroom!



Patients who are trying to kick the habit of smoking are sometimes prescribed Chantix. Not only is this drug considered to be beneficial as an aid to stop smoking, but it also has some odd side effects. Night terrors, sleeplessness, and not having a strong sense of taste anymore are just a few of the side effects seen by some individuals.



This sleep aid is prescribed to patients who suffer from insomnia. While Lunesta might help you get to sleep, there are a few undesirable side effects you might want to be on the lookout for. These side effects include; an unpleasant taste in your mouth, a decrease in your libido, anxiety, vomiting, and a lack of coordination. I don’t know what’s worse, not being able to sleep or dealing with all these other things.



Designed to help control Parkinson’s disease, Mirapex has caused patients to be afflicted with bouts of amnesia. Thankfully the random side effect of having amnesia dissipates once the patient goes off of Mirapex. Talk about a terrible side effect to have when you’re trying to remember to take your medication at a specific time. How would you know if you’ve taken it if you can’t remember? This drug also has the ability to cause hallucinations in some patients. Now there’s a combo; amnesia and hallucinations!



This drug is used to treat patients with high blood pressure, as well as those with congestive heart failure. It might be helping individuals with those areas of their lives, but did you know that this prescription drug can affect a person’s sense of smell, hearing, and vision? Patients who have taken Vasotec have experienced tinnitus, blurred vision, and a loss of their sense of smell.

Hopefully this list of 7 prescription drugs with strange side effects doesn’t include any you are currently taking. If it does, then I sincerely hope you haven’t experienced any of the side effects listed. What odd side effects to prescription medications have you heard about?

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