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7 Unusual Medical Disorders ...

By Mercy

The medical community around the world is engaged in treating known disorders and little known disorders as well as their treatments. We all know of disorders that have no cure, but there also seem to be some perfectly strange disorders that seem to have no cause. Here is a list of 7 unusual medical disorders.

1 Shut Eye for Days

There are some people in the world who simply cannot open their eyes for days on end. Researchers have not been able to find any common cause for this unusual medical disorder. Can you imagine what it would be like if you were plunged into days of darkness for no apparent rhyme or reason?

2 Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

Also known as PSAS, this is certainly one of the most unusual medical disorders that afflicts women. Women who suffer from this disorder are always sexually aroused and on the brink of orgasm. There is no known cause or remedy for this disorder and women who suffer from this disorder are unable to lead normal lives.

3 Resistance to Cold

There are some people who are simply unbelievably resistant to cold. Even when they are dressed in the flimsiest of clothes, they can go out and roll about in the snow without any fear of catching a cold. Of course, this is a great disorder to have if you live in a very cold country- you will certainly save a lot on winter clothing.

4 Allergy to Cold

This unusual medical disorder is the exact opposite of the previous one. In this case, even the slightest cold can leave the sufferer with an allergic reaction, for instance, an ice cube placed on the sufferer’s skin will leave a rash. Even cold drafts of wind can bring on an allergic reaction. Definitely a curse for those who live in cold countries!

5 Long Term Insomnia

Insomnia is a known medical malady, but long term insomnia is a little known and extremely rare problem. In these cases, the sufferers simply do not sleep at all. This can be a nightmare for the people who suffer from it and to the rest of us their plight is simply unimaginable.

6 People Who Can’t Forget

This is another one of the most unusual medical disorders. There are people who simply do not forget any detail of their lives. They can remember absolutely everything that has ever happened to them. Of course, they will always get great grades on their tests, but can you imagine a life that does not have the luxury to forget the bad experiences?

7 Foreign Accent Syndrome

Some people who suffer from a stroke suffer from bizarre side effects. One of them is foreign accent syndrome, where the sufferer wakes up after the stroke and begins to speak fluently in a completely foreign accent.

It is not easy to imagine how people who suffer from these 7 unusual medical disorders lead their lives. It simply cannot be easy.

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